Friday, December 25, 2009

The Sunday after Thanksgiving Brunch

Hands down one of the fondest and oldest memories I have of Dad (father in-law) is Sunday's Jesus and waffles (named this way by my husband and his friends). When I started dating Chip, one of the things that impressed me was that he would every Sunday have brunch at his parents home. They would have service and then brunch. I was invited on a few occasions. What I loved about these Sunday's were that The Loving's seemed to be what I always thought a traditional American family should be. I know, I know many will say that the beauty of the US is that there are no model families, that we have so many different cultures, heritages, lifestyles, etc. But the image we as a nation send out is very comparable to 1950s conception of family. I grew up watching syndicated programs like "Leave it to Beaver", I love Lucy, the dick Van Dyke show, and the Andy Griffith show just to name a few. Yes, I was a 70s child but the TV controller was my grandma, hence black and white programs.

All in all, this was my idea of a wholesome family image and my family was anything but that, they were Hispanic and worked all the time. They didn't drink milk with their meals, nor did they wear dresses and suits. They were your average lower middle class family in New York not middle America. Now I look back and see that my life was normal for the decade I was born in, the city I lived in and the parents I had. But while growing up, I wanted to live and dress like what I saw on TV.

After many many years, once I came back to the US and stumbled into my loving husband and his family, they were at first glance that 1950s family. I fell in love with the idea, and that yes they do exist! The things I love about my family in-law is that they have those things and they have the modern things as well. They are like many families in the US, yours, mine and ours, kind of family. My father in-law is a techy, the younger generations have followed suit.

This whole story began because I wanted to stress how I love brunch at my in-laws. There is something about brunch at their house that makes me feel good. This particular brunch was no exception, great food, great company...good times.

These are just but a few of the tons of photos my niece took that day.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Thanksgiving post

Thanksgiving is a time to be...well, thankful. I have so much to be thankful for, as do most of us. One of my main objectives is to create long lasting traditions of my own to share with my family. I am pretty much alone here in the US. My mom, grandmother and brother live in Argentina. All I have is pretty much in Argentina, extended family, long time friends and most adolescent memories. Chip has a large family and extended relatives. Somehow we want to mesh all our traditions, conventional traditions and created some original ones along the way for Carr.

The people that really know me, know that I love to cook but I really am not much of a cook. I started cooking late in life and what I cook I think I do it well. I enjoy cooking for friends and family. I love trying out new recipes. I spend most of my time working, or cleaning or cooking nowadays. Which is fine because it is enjoyable to me. This year I was asked to cook some sides for the thanksgiving dinner. I wanted to do something different, zany, you might call it whimsical. If by the end of the post you would like the recipes, feel free to email me and I will send them your way.
Ok back to sides, well I love sweet potatoes, I wanted to reinvent the traditional recipe. I found the best recipe for it: Mashed Red Curry Sweet Potatoes.

If you like spicy, hot food then you'll enjoy this.

I also did my rendition to stuffing or dressing. Before I start, I want to leave clear that I really do not and have not enjoyed stuffing ever. This is why I wanted to tackle a dish which I really did not understand or care for in the least. I am proud to say, it came out glorious. I could not help serving myself seconds, thirds, etc. The secret about my stuffing, I added sausage to it. I also made the stuffing with three different types of breading.

My last challenge, pumpkin pie. I had tried it before and thought it was just the worst idea ever. I found the taste not appealing at all. I found an easy recipe (food and made some adjustments to suit me. Hopefully my husband, that shares my dislike for the original version, will try mine one day. All in all, I did a good job. I mixed in ingredients like ginger and more vanilla and whipping cream than pumpkin. Yes, you might be saying why make a pumpkin pie that doesn't quite taste like pumpkin... well because I can.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my in-laws home. I have some photos of that to share at the end with you. The funny thing of all, is that we were all exhausted from cooking. We enjoyed ourselves so much more that next Sunday, when we got together for brunch. Stress left behind and an overall laid back feeling, it was heaven. We had waffles with turkey hash, eggs, bacon, coffee, etc. My great nephew and Carr were having fun. Moral of this post, it is fine to have traditions but when you let a holiday rule your life, you will not get much enjoyment out of it. A laid back holiday is better than stressed out extravaganza!

Chip, Mom and Ricky

My son watching TV ignoring his cousins.

Now Carr wants to make up and get Henry's full attention.

Now they both got sucked in by the TV.

As I said before, it is our wish to create traditions of our own. The Thanksgiving madness coupled with black Friday insanity, is really not us at all. We really enjoyed Brunch. Maybe this can be our new tradition. Hosting the day after Thanksgiving brunch. It's just something to think about.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Autumn Madness

I finished a book recently that almost took me a year to finish. It is written by Sheri Lynch, and it explains pretty much in a nutshell my feelings on my motherhood experience:

"I work and then I come home and I feel like a bad mother because I work, and then I feel like a bad wife because I'm always tired. I never finish anything anymore, and no matter where I am, half of my mind is somewhere else, and I feel guilty all the time."

That pretty much sums it up.

Let me tell you about my experience with Autumn. You have a child and it is expected that you must have autumn photos, of the playground, of a pumpkin patch and of Halloween. If not your doing a crappy job of being a mommy. Well this year, it rained for must of October, every weekend. Talk about putting a damper on my plans. No matter how much I tried, I just couldn't get those "hallmark moments" in a freakin snapshot!

Please take into account that this is not about how happy the child is or how how fulfilling it is to have intimate moments with your loved ones. It is about proving that you are holding up to these expectations, that only the lord knows who set them in the first place! I needed to get those PHOTOS! And nature wasn't helping! I have never felt so mediocre in my life because I could not have my son, looking cute beside a pumpkin. I can look back on it now and laugh but I know it will happen again next year.

I set out to have three perfect photo ops, one with pumpkins, one in the playground with falling leaves and beautiful red, orange and gold trees and another of my son having fun during Halloween. Well, I only succeeded with the playground and it took my whole family's help and God's to make it happen.

I know how ridiculous that sounds, and I know that I am smarter than that but there is this mommy urge that won't go away. I was brought up to excel in school and hopefully in the future to excel at work. I was never expected to marry or have a child. That drive that was force feed to me when growing up somehow also was directed to motherhood. You're pregnant and read and research and see that being a mommy has become this career and it is as competitive or worse than at work. Let me give you some examples:

You need to blog, you need to feed your child only the best produces and organic meats, you need to knit and craft and man, those photo ops are mandatory (preferably with an SLR). Breastfeed, cloth diapers, the list is very, very long.

Couple that with work, and proving to your peers and employer that not only are you capable but that being a mommy doesn't influence your work performance. Then you have the "1950s wife" expectations that your family and his have of you. You need to cook, not normal food but close to gourmet, keep house and you need to be available all the time...even when your so tired that you have to pray not to fall asleep right in the middle of it.

Needless to say, I hardly sleep, take tons of vitamin B12 and drink way to much coffee, oh and by the way, I hardly have any friends anymore. I feel like I do an awful job at all three and practically do not enjoy them either because I worry about what I am missing ALL THE TIME.

I am posting the best photos of the nearly 100 that my mother in law and I took. I have felt a twinge of failure this year, and I pray to God for better weather or a change of attitude come next year. Yes, I am slightly crazy but I definitely know I am not alone in this madness.

I love this little man so much!

My little boy and I at the playground.

Papa and Carr resting.

always running

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The things we share

The memories I have of my childhood are cherished as most are. I can remember certain sounds, smells, people and most of my world around me. There are certain memories that I hope to share with my son. Some things that I can't wait to hear if they have come to form an important part of his recollection of comfort.

One of the is Disney. Mickey Mouse and his friends and story telling. God blessed me in such a way that Chip and I were able to take Carr to Disney. I was able to give this to my son as a result of my hard work and incredible and generous employers. Without them, we would not have been able to experience this, at least for a very long time. Carr might not remember but I have the photos to show him and I have the immense feeling of overwhelming gratitude each time I recall this trip. Needless to say that I cried everyday at the thought of a childhood dream come true. The incredible part of this is that by 8 months, you knew who Mickey Mouse was. I made sure of that. It was our weekend ritual, to watch MM clubhouse together at 10 am ever since you were 4 months. Today, your almost 2 and you still watch the show with mommy. Yes, there are times where I stop and think if watching this so young might be detrimental but hey, I consider myself to be well rounded and I watched it. It was very different, it was live action and no cartoons, you know actors like Annette Funicello, Avalon and the gang. Then I grew up with the disco musketeers 1970s, with their primary colored pantsuits, ha ha. Such great memories.

Carr was so happy to be with Mickey!

He loved the parade at Magic Kingdom!

The second,is Sesame Street. It is Sesame's Street 40th anniversary, yeah about my age. Talk about learning, I was raised by two great and extraordinary women, both knew English as a second language. Which made this show essential for them to teach me. They my mom and grandma learned as well. Sesame street was my preschool teacher. Sesame street taught me about different people, I was not exposed to, other colors, handicapped, different exposed me to things and people that I had no way of knowing...not at that age. It made them common, normal. I wish every child would have this opportunity, maybe, just maybe the world would be a better place with no discrimination.

And guess what, my son loves it! He loves Elmo and I loved Cookie Monster but hey same family. It is so cool to see how my son went from just watching this show to becoming an engaged participant. He will point, try to sing and dance and laugh. I wonder if my mother gazed upon me, as I do with Carr, in utter humility at the blessing God gave me. I am thankful that I can sing along with Ernie about his rubber ducky and it all has remained the same, just things to share.

In a world that is filled with new things, Disney and Sesame Street bring solace to my old soul and grant me the possibility of having something in common with my boy. Unfortunately, I know this is the last, he will sooner rather than later come to me with Japanese characters and playing cards, and boyish toys that I will learn and enjoy with him. But we will always have in common our two first childhood friends forever.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your Papa's Birthday

If there is something I have to be grateful for other than my child and husband, that would be the blessing of having the best in-laws ever. They are very much like my own parents, I hold them near to my heart and pray that God looks over them and blesses them with health so they can enjoy Carr for many years.

My father in-law (dad) has been under the weather this year. His health has had its ups and downs. I pray every day that he recovers and enjoys a peaceful, family-filled life for many years to come. You might say that my reasons are selfish, and they might be, but my son loves his Papa dearly and I want him to have a personal relationship with dad. You see my dad is an absent dad and has been for quiet some time. While he taught me virtues like work ethic, responsibility, honesty and discipline, he was not my friend. My mom and he are in the middle of a divorce that has torn my family apart. I have no grandfathers, never met them, they passed when I was a baby. This brings me here: Papa. He loves my child and my child loves him. What more can I ask for?

I am posting photos of Dad's birthday. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My absence

Dear Carr,

I have been absent from blogging for a month, not because you have not done anything worth while, but because this is this busiest time of year for me at work. Open enrollment, this is our Nemesis, this is what kept mama away from writing, taking you to the park, playing and spending quality time together. During this past month you have grown leaps and bounds and have matured right before my eyes. I hate that I haven't been able to document any of it and for this I apologize.

Let me start by saying that you have grown into your own during this time. You have been a late bloomer communicating. You had no need to, mama and daddy understand, but all of a sudden you are pointing to what you want and in your half tongue saying please for things. You have also gone through two growth spurts, went up a size and half for shoes, and change diaper size. You decided to go to sleep a little later thus changing our routine significantly.

You graduated from having your milk in a bottle at night to sippy cups. This particular change made me sad, my little monster is growing up! How did this happen? I miss carrying you around and loving on you whenever I want. It has suddenly changed, now it's whenever you want. You also only use your binky when you sleep, as soon as you wake up you rush to the kitchen and deposit it in the sink (yes you can already reach it).

Your growing up so fast! You get bored and stir crazy at the apart and demand a walk or a playground trip. Which worries me because of the weather, and flu season. I am looking into taking you once a week until next year to this preschool in order for you to have some socialization with other toddlers. I'll have more news on this in two weeks.

You are obsessed with Thomas the engine train and Caillou. Thanks to a friend at work, you have a Thomas train table with all the bells and whistles. Hours and hours of fun! Still your favorite are books (thank God). You have discovered magnets. You love to play by the refrigerator while I cook or your favorite, standing on the stool beside me pretending that you are cooking yourself.

You are very willful and I suppose this will get interesting as you grow up. But 90% of the time you're the sweetest child I have ever met. Your hugs take my breath away, when I carry you, you grab my ear very gently and play with my pearls or you grab my hair and stroke sweet.

I have missed you so much this past month. We have not been enough time together. Sometimes I would get home so late that we only had time for a bath and nighty-night. There was a night that I didn't get to put you to sleep. But as I promised, my child, I have slept every night with you through it all. Considering that I traveled for two weeks straight, from one point in Virginia to the opposite. You noticed the difference and you would cry every time you saw me leave. Let me clarify that you are very independent and have never done this, even when mama and daddy took you to grandma tutti's. I hate leaving you when you are crying but I had no choice.

Just wanted to summarize this past month for you. It was very stressful, and tiring for me and very productive for you. Sorry that there aren't any photos but I'm sure we'll make up for lost time: my little bugger.

Love ya'

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Dearest Husband!

This post is long over due. Somehow it's been very hard to write down my feeling and the enormous gratitude I have towards my husband Chip. How can I express everything I feel in blog post? How can I do it without sounding sappy or even get close to truth?

I have known my husband for 6 years. Together we have experienced some rough times but through it all he has always been there for me. He is my rock and has brought calm to my life. He is my family.
Please let me tell you about the man I call my husband. He is loyal to the extreme to his friends. He is the most honorable man I know. He is a hard worker and most importantly he is a great companion.

We met on my birthday and soon there after we started dating. He made sure I ate (college student with no money), took me out and made me a part of his life. I was alone, my family far away, and he made sure I did not feel alone or homesick. I don't know if I would have graduated if it weren't for him. Chip was there when my mom was in the hospital and I was here in the US without a dime. He calmed me down and struck through the bad moments. Chip was there when my parents decided to get a divorce (when I was 8 months pregnant) and my dad literally verbally tortured me over the phone every weekend.

This is not my place to say but my husband is a great son. He loves his parents with devotion. He honors them and makes sure that he is there when needed.

Chip is the father I wanted when growing up. He is there for our son in such a way that takes my breathe away. When it came time to return to work I had no worries and no regrets. I was leaving the care of my baby, who was 3 months old to my husband. I could think of no one better. He is the center of the universe for Carr and I am not jealous. I consider myself so fortunate and blessed that I have been able to give my son a relationship with his dad that not many other children have.
September 13th is his birthday and I want to celebrate him and his accomplishments. I have seen him become a husband and a father and embrace each responsibility with dedication and never complain about anything. Thank you Chip, for making my dreams come true. All that I have, I have because you played an integral part in making it possible.

Happy Birthday Chip! Thank you for loving us so.

Those little things

It's the little things in life that take hold of your heart and leave lasting impressions. But sadly they are also the ones that sometimes are left unsaid. I want to dedicate this post to you dear Carr and those little things about you that make your mama smile.
My son has a funny sense of humor, he laughs when he hears the words YUCK and EWWWW, like they are the funniest words ever. He thinks Kipper "the dog" (on the sprout channel) is hilarious. When Carr laughs it is so contagious that his dad and I can't help but to join in, which makes him laugh harder.
Carr loves to listen to music with his dad. He has a favorite artist, Self, and he gets upset if you change the music he likes to something else. When riding in the Carr he requests there be music playing and he tries to sing along. He is not interested in baby music unless it's mama singing it to him at bedtime.
My little monster hates to get his diaper changed, clothes changed or anything that will make him stop playing. He doesn't cry but he makes his opinion heard. We especially have a hard time putting T-shirts or taking them off. This of course has to do with his 95th percentile in head circumference.
He is the most patience child ever when clipping his finger nails, not so much with his toe nails.
Usually, as above mentioned we have to wrangle him to change his diaper but when you say "nakitime" he runs and jumps on the bed, lays down so I can take off his clothes to bathe him. He loves bathe time.
Carr loves to dance with the wiggles and the imagination movers. Funny thing is, one show I encourage and the other I steered away from. What can I say, my boy has his own opinion. The same goes with "Thomas the tank engine", I prayed that he would not get sucked in this craziness. Not so lucky. I would say 85% of his Christmas gifts are Thomas.
When it is reading time, he picks out the book and sits himself down on your lap. Most of his books have seen better days but I am fine with that, it only means that he is playing with his books. What? Yes, I want my son to see books as entertainment not a chore or something that you do once a day (if lucky with mama).
He has never been afraid of the dark, he prefers it to sleep (no lights). He is not fond of heights but is a climber. Which makes no sense but let me explain. He will jump on our bed, on the coach and then climb over it but...if I pick him up and sit him on the counter top, he refuses to want to be let go. I have a theory on this, I think that once he knows his environment and has tested out the waters he is comfortable being a climber but in that mean time, he is very cautious about his footing.
Carr has a very high pain tolerance threshold. He will run into a door, turn around look at you and then go about his business. He fell from our bed about two days ago, didn't even cry. I really do not like this, I rather he felt a little more and respected the possibility of feeling pain.
My son has only had 3 very mild colds. He has only once had a fever of 101.5. For now, according to his pediatrician has a very mild egg allergy which he may outgrown. He has eczema, which if your child has it, you know how awful that is. He mostly has flare-ups when he is teething, and it usually concentrates on his legs. But we have tried every cream over the counter, I do not want to start with prescriptions until he is older. What has helped enormously is to keep him wearing pants, in order for him not to scratch the flare-ups.
His worst trait, and I know it's transitory, is he has an oral fixation. He will put everything and anything in his mouth. Makes me, a germaphobe, cringe and be extra anal about stuff.
I know I have forgotten some stuff but this will do for now. But these are the things I want him to know about himself growing up. His dad and I are trying to write out phonetically his speech but that will be for a later post. I hope I haven't bored you to death but this post is really for Carr when he is older.

Weekend Recap

Going into this weekend I promised myself that I was not going to run around like crazy. I was not going to inflict my obsessiveness to the rest of my family either. Result: I have gotten strangely an enormous amount of work done and managed to enjoy myself in the process.
I made up two weeks worth of menus for Chip and I and a week menu for Carr. This is the first time I do Carr's menu, as a trial run. I want him to enjoy new flavors but also have healthy meals. I have bought 3 new cookbooks that I am referencing to make his meal plan. Because of his food sensitivities (milk and egg whites) I have to take extra care of what I feed him. Finding cookbooks that proved to be useful and insightful has been quite an undertaking. It took me two months to go through websites, blogs and some trials & errors before I could say that I am happy with my new reference material. My best advice to you, if you are faced with such dilemmas, is that you first take the time to list what your priorities are: fast, healthy, varied, etc. Once you have that straight, you need to ask yourself "what you are willing to do with the workload you have to get to were you want to be".
I have a major flaw, which is I do not know how to store (my next objective) food, so this makes cooking and prepping for Carr more challenging - until I learn how to. Chip and I really do not like leftovers, and it has taken me years of practice run to learn the amounts to cook for us. When it comes to Carr, I do not feed him leftovers and his appetite changes frequently because he is a growing boy.
Ultimately, I finished planning my menus, made the grocery list and paid our household bills, all on Saturday! I had time to play with Carr, and spend some quality time with Chip. My plans today range from going with Carr to the grocery store and also to my local do it yourself store to buy shelving and some safety outlets for his room. I am always surprised of the things that I can get done once I have them organized in a process.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My space

Let me just start by thanking my husband for supporting me and all of my endeavors. He knows that I always have a full plate and he also knows that I operate this way. He normally stands back and lets me do my thing, whether it be decorating, organizing, crafting, he is now taking some time and teaching me illustrator, and photo shop. Learning this is something I really want to do in order to digital scrapbook and he has succumbed and has offered his help and time.
If your reading this and know us or if you are a parent, you know how hard it is to have time, let alone time for each other and impossible to have time for teaching someone a craft. And he is doing so, sacrificing his downtime...I love him so.

Well back to the main subject, my husband new what I wanted and was looking for in an apartment. It took us some time to find it but we did. Here are just a few pics, please understand that I haven't finished staging and decorating so it's pretty bland. I'll keep you posted!

This is my work desk. I am so absolutely happy to have this space that I cannot get enough of it.

Here is my "craft center". It holds a lot of stuff, knitting, scrap booking, photography, cooking, organization ideas, stationery, etc. Yay I have it all together and at hand!

Chip and I sacrificed a formal dinning room for our office space, so we came up with this idea. It works fine for us, somewhat problematic when we have people over.

This is me trying to be a handy man. Pictures are crooked, husband very upset, I had to promise to stay away from the walls. Well, I never said I was handy, I am better at directing :)

Baby stuff no use hiding it.

Still in progress.

Ok, we are geeks so we have many DVDs, this was for now the best I could do. Give me time to think about it.

Menu planner re-visited

Just wanted to leave a note saying that all went well all week. Highly recommend the Green Been salad and the Baby Bok Choy also. If you are interested in a particular recipe I will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

In which he eats.

I have been fighting myself about this particular post. You see, I have procrastinated posting this, and now my husband and I disagree as to when it happened.
we at least have pinpointed it to be before moving "beginners stage" once we settled in the new apartment "Pro". It really doesn't matter.
Here are some photos for your enjoyment:

I love how expressive my child's eyes are.

What should I eat first?

Jax, our cat is always willing to help him eat his food.

Carr's First Haircut

My son has been cursed with having both my husband's hair and mine. He has always had a head full of hair and every morning it looks like a tornado passed through his head.
I know my son, he is not the kind of child that would sit calmly on my lap while he gets his haircut. It's hard to get him to sit still period.
So I decided to cut his hair myself. I planned to do this after his bath while he was watching Caillou. I think it went well.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A new super Hero is born

I have witness the birth of a new super hero ... Courageous Carr! I know, please don't think I am taking this to far but my little man shocks me sometimes.
Let's start at the beginning. I took Carr for a walk after dinner. He needed the fresh air after so much rain prevented his daily walk to take place. He was stir crazy and I was paying for it. After cooking his and our dinner, I geared him up and left to enjoy yet another muggy afternoon. I took him to a church near by and let him run loose. We were playing tag when my son spotted a lady with three dogs walking by. He yelled and darted straight at them. I am very weary about the whole situation and grab him by the waist and prevent him from hugging one of these dogs.

So lets talk about the dog. Well I do not know if you know this breed or not but it was a Newfoundland.

Yes, take in the shear enormous nature of this dog. Was my son afraid? Heck No! He was pulling and tugging towards, I soon found out, her. She, in turn, threw herself belly up on the grass wanting to be petted by my boy. I don't know how, even though every fiber in my body said no, but my son got to hug her and even gave her a kiss in the face. You should have seen his face. He was son happy.

My son's head is about the size of her muzzle. The owner said that never in her life did she see a child like Carr, fearless of a creature about 10 times his size.

I am in awe of him and I fear myself. I do not want to contain him, I want him to soar as high as possible but I want to instill some fear in him. Only the reckless are fearless and I want him to be wise about choices. I pray to God for guidance that I be able to guide my little hero into becoming a courageous man.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Menu Planner

I am taking my best friends suggestion and posting my two week menu planner. In these tough times it's hard to save money and also enjoy healthy good meals. One of the first things we took off our budget was eating out, but we still crave those gourmet foods. This was my solution to this, I starting cooking more involved foods, this might seem more time consuming but with a little planning, it can even help you save money at the grocery store.

Menu week one (aug 2nd thru aug 8th)

Grilled Flank Steak and shrimp with sweet breads and salad

Mini Pork Loins with onion suace couple with green beans and almond salad

Cken drummettes coupled with butternut squash squares and browned butter

Baked Salmon with baby bok choy salad with cashews

Italian pasta and homemade garlic bread

Teriyacki Shrimp and Sausage Stir fry and rice

London Broil and twice baked potatoes

Week two (aug 9th thru aug 15th)

Mussels and angel hair pasta

Cken breasts with creamed spinach and bacon

Italian peppers with tomato sauce on hoaggies

Tilapia and mash potatoes

Stuffed peppers

Tacos and Spanish rice

Pork Tenderloin with roasted white and green asparagus

So this is how it works. I buy a whole pork tenderloin and butcher it to my needs. I cut it by half and I have a loin to cook for Saturday. I then cut 4 mini loins and what is left I cut some medallions for another meal. One tenderloin makes 3 meals, and what did I spend $8.00 on sale. I bought a London Broil for $ 11.00 and I cut it in half and serves for two meals. This is only helpful for a two adult household but you can get the jest of it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playground antics

I have some photos of your second trip to the playground ever. I do not have pics on his first experience because I was alone and did not want to let you outta my sight. Your first playground was "A kids cove" at Liberty, Thomas Rd. Baptist Church. I love this place because we'll be able to enjoy it all winter. It's indoors and toddler friendly.
The photos you see are from a Chick Fillet we went to on labor day, "kid's Cove" was close.