Sunday, August 16, 2009

Those little things

It's the little things in life that take hold of your heart and leave lasting impressions. But sadly they are also the ones that sometimes are left unsaid. I want to dedicate this post to you dear Carr and those little things about you that make your mama smile.
My son has a funny sense of humor, he laughs when he hears the words YUCK and EWWWW, like they are the funniest words ever. He thinks Kipper "the dog" (on the sprout channel) is hilarious. When Carr laughs it is so contagious that his dad and I can't help but to join in, which makes him laugh harder.
Carr loves to listen to music with his dad. He has a favorite artist, Self, and he gets upset if you change the music he likes to something else. When riding in the Carr he requests there be music playing and he tries to sing along. He is not interested in baby music unless it's mama singing it to him at bedtime.
My little monster hates to get his diaper changed, clothes changed or anything that will make him stop playing. He doesn't cry but he makes his opinion heard. We especially have a hard time putting T-shirts or taking them off. This of course has to do with his 95th percentile in head circumference.
He is the most patience child ever when clipping his finger nails, not so much with his toe nails.
Usually, as above mentioned we have to wrangle him to change his diaper but when you say "nakitime" he runs and jumps on the bed, lays down so I can take off his clothes to bathe him. He loves bathe time.
Carr loves to dance with the wiggles and the imagination movers. Funny thing is, one show I encourage and the other I steered away from. What can I say, my boy has his own opinion. The same goes with "Thomas the tank engine", I prayed that he would not get sucked in this craziness. Not so lucky. I would say 85% of his Christmas gifts are Thomas.
When it is reading time, he picks out the book and sits himself down on your lap. Most of his books have seen better days but I am fine with that, it only means that he is playing with his books. What? Yes, I want my son to see books as entertainment not a chore or something that you do once a day (if lucky with mama).
He has never been afraid of the dark, he prefers it to sleep (no lights). He is not fond of heights but is a climber. Which makes no sense but let me explain. He will jump on our bed, on the coach and then climb over it but...if I pick him up and sit him on the counter top, he refuses to want to be let go. I have a theory on this, I think that once he knows his environment and has tested out the waters he is comfortable being a climber but in that mean time, he is very cautious about his footing.
Carr has a very high pain tolerance threshold. He will run into a door, turn around look at you and then go about his business. He fell from our bed about two days ago, didn't even cry. I really do not like this, I rather he felt a little more and respected the possibility of feeling pain.
My son has only had 3 very mild colds. He has only once had a fever of 101.5. For now, according to his pediatrician has a very mild egg allergy which he may outgrown. He has eczema, which if your child has it, you know how awful that is. He mostly has flare-ups when he is teething, and it usually concentrates on his legs. But we have tried every cream over the counter, I do not want to start with prescriptions until he is older. What has helped enormously is to keep him wearing pants, in order for him not to scratch the flare-ups.
His worst trait, and I know it's transitory, is he has an oral fixation. He will put everything and anything in his mouth. Makes me, a germaphobe, cringe and be extra anal about stuff.
I know I have forgotten some stuff but this will do for now. But these are the things I want him to know about himself growing up. His dad and I are trying to write out phonetically his speech but that will be for a later post. I hope I haven't bored you to death but this post is really for Carr when he is older.

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