Thursday, August 6, 2009

A new super Hero is born

I have witness the birth of a new super hero ... Courageous Carr! I know, please don't think I am taking this to far but my little man shocks me sometimes.
Let's start at the beginning. I took Carr for a walk after dinner. He needed the fresh air after so much rain prevented his daily walk to take place. He was stir crazy and I was paying for it. After cooking his and our dinner, I geared him up and left to enjoy yet another muggy afternoon. I took him to a church near by and let him run loose. We were playing tag when my son spotted a lady with three dogs walking by. He yelled and darted straight at them. I am very weary about the whole situation and grab him by the waist and prevent him from hugging one of these dogs.

So lets talk about the dog. Well I do not know if you know this breed or not but it was a Newfoundland.

Yes, take in the shear enormous nature of this dog. Was my son afraid? Heck No! He was pulling and tugging towards, I soon found out, her. She, in turn, threw herself belly up on the grass wanting to be petted by my boy. I don't know how, even though every fiber in my body said no, but my son got to hug her and even gave her a kiss in the face. You should have seen his face. He was son happy.

My son's head is about the size of her muzzle. The owner said that never in her life did she see a child like Carr, fearless of a creature about 10 times his size.

I am in awe of him and I fear myself. I do not want to contain him, I want him to soar as high as possible but I want to instill some fear in him. Only the reckless are fearless and I want him to be wise about choices. I pray to God for guidance that I be able to guide my little hero into becoming a courageous man.

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