Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Dearest Husband!

This post is long over due. Somehow it's been very hard to write down my feeling and the enormous gratitude I have towards my husband Chip. How can I express everything I feel in blog post? How can I do it without sounding sappy or even get close to truth?

I have known my husband for 6 years. Together we have experienced some rough times but through it all he has always been there for me. He is my rock and has brought calm to my life. He is my family.
Please let me tell you about the man I call my husband. He is loyal to the extreme to his friends. He is the most honorable man I know. He is a hard worker and most importantly he is a great companion.

We met on my birthday and soon there after we started dating. He made sure I ate (college student with no money), took me out and made me a part of his life. I was alone, my family far away, and he made sure I did not feel alone or homesick. I don't know if I would have graduated if it weren't for him. Chip was there when my mom was in the hospital and I was here in the US without a dime. He calmed me down and struck through the bad moments. Chip was there when my parents decided to get a divorce (when I was 8 months pregnant) and my dad literally verbally tortured me over the phone every weekend.

This is not my place to say but my husband is a great son. He loves his parents with devotion. He honors them and makes sure that he is there when needed.

Chip is the father I wanted when growing up. He is there for our son in such a way that takes my breathe away. When it came time to return to work I had no worries and no regrets. I was leaving the care of my baby, who was 3 months old to my husband. I could think of no one better. He is the center of the universe for Carr and I am not jealous. I consider myself so fortunate and blessed that I have been able to give my son a relationship with his dad that not many other children have.
September 13th is his birthday and I want to celebrate him and his accomplishments. I have seen him become a husband and a father and embrace each responsibility with dedication and never complain about anything. Thank you Chip, for making my dreams come true. All that I have, I have because you played an integral part in making it possible.

Happy Birthday Chip! Thank you for loving us so.

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