Sunday, August 28, 2011

For Jeannie

Donate to Bloggers Without Borders

Hi Friends!  About two weeks ago, I found out about Jennie's terrible loss.  As a mother and a wife my heart went out to her.  How can you recover from such an unexpected loss, how can you explain to your children that their daddy no longer will be there with them and enjoy such moments such as these.

Because of this and because I know that when you ask sincerely, people help.  I am asking you to please donate to Jennie's fund.  Just take a minute and think of dealing with such a loss and having to deal with the hard realities of life (paying bills, health insurance, etc.) all by herself.  She "makes too much" as a blogger to collect widow's benefits from social security (not even going to address this and the unfairness).  Please read the Project Description that says it so eloquently (much better than I can).

In April, I went through some hard times, spiritually and financially, if it were not because of the prayers and support from some fellow bloggers, I would have had a very hard time living through it all.  I now turn to you to help Jennie through her hard times.

Please donate!