Sunday, October 4, 2009

My absence

Dear Carr,

I have been absent from blogging for a month, not because you have not done anything worth while, but because this is this busiest time of year for me at work. Open enrollment, this is our Nemesis, this is what kept mama away from writing, taking you to the park, playing and spending quality time together. During this past month you have grown leaps and bounds and have matured right before my eyes. I hate that I haven't been able to document any of it and for this I apologize.

Let me start by saying that you have grown into your own during this time. You have been a late bloomer communicating. You had no need to, mama and daddy understand, but all of a sudden you are pointing to what you want and in your half tongue saying please for things. You have also gone through two growth spurts, went up a size and half for shoes, and change diaper size. You decided to go to sleep a little later thus changing our routine significantly.

You graduated from having your milk in a bottle at night to sippy cups. This particular change made me sad, my little monster is growing up! How did this happen? I miss carrying you around and loving on you whenever I want. It has suddenly changed, now it's whenever you want. You also only use your binky when you sleep, as soon as you wake up you rush to the kitchen and deposit it in the sink (yes you can already reach it).

Your growing up so fast! You get bored and stir crazy at the apart and demand a walk or a playground trip. Which worries me because of the weather, and flu season. I am looking into taking you once a week until next year to this preschool in order for you to have some socialization with other toddlers. I'll have more news on this in two weeks.

You are obsessed with Thomas the engine train and Caillou. Thanks to a friend at work, you have a Thomas train table with all the bells and whistles. Hours and hours of fun! Still your favorite are books (thank God). You have discovered magnets. You love to play by the refrigerator while I cook or your favorite, standing on the stool beside me pretending that you are cooking yourself.

You are very willful and I suppose this will get interesting as you grow up. But 90% of the time you're the sweetest child I have ever met. Your hugs take my breath away, when I carry you, you grab my ear very gently and play with my pearls or you grab my hair and stroke sweet.

I have missed you so much this past month. We have not been enough time together. Sometimes I would get home so late that we only had time for a bath and nighty-night. There was a night that I didn't get to put you to sleep. But as I promised, my child, I have slept every night with you through it all. Considering that I traveled for two weeks straight, from one point in Virginia to the opposite. You noticed the difference and you would cry every time you saw me leave. Let me clarify that you are very independent and have never done this, even when mama and daddy took you to grandma tutti's. I hate leaving you when you are crying but I had no choice.

Just wanted to summarize this past month for you. It was very stressful, and tiring for me and very productive for you. Sorry that there aren't any photos but I'm sure we'll make up for lost time: my little bugger.

Love ya'

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