Menu Planning

I wanted to share a little secret that keeps me sane.  I plan a week's worth of dinners ahead of time.  It helps me grocery shop and makes my life a breeze during the week.  I got this idea from:
I love Laura's site, it was one of the first blogs I started to follow seriously.  It helped me organize my hectic life with our new addition (Carr).  Her blog gave me a chance to feel somewhat in control of my house.  Most of you moms, especially first time moms, understand how out of control and chaotic life becomes with a baby.  Once they become toddlers, it really doesn't get any easier having to also prepare them lunch and snacks for preschool.

Well, I will be sharing my dinner menu every Sunday night with you. Please feel free to share recipes, give me advice and use whatever I post to simplify your life. I want to explain one thing to you, I cook from scratch, I try not to use any process food and whenever possible we buy organic.
This post will be updated weekly:

Week  - 12/05 thru 12/11
Homemade hamburgers and fries.
Sausage and Peppers on hoaggie bread
Mexican chicken, refried beans and yellow rice
Pancho Villa Tilapia with mash potatoes
Homemade pizza with garlic bread
Steaks and baked veggies
Honey Ham and bisquits
Happy Menu Planning!