Saturday, November 7, 2009

The things we share

The memories I have of my childhood are cherished as most are. I can remember certain sounds, smells, people and most of my world around me. There are certain memories that I hope to share with my son. Some things that I can't wait to hear if they have come to form an important part of his recollection of comfort.

One of the is Disney. Mickey Mouse and his friends and story telling. God blessed me in such a way that Chip and I were able to take Carr to Disney. I was able to give this to my son as a result of my hard work and incredible and generous employers. Without them, we would not have been able to experience this, at least for a very long time. Carr might not remember but I have the photos to show him and I have the immense feeling of overwhelming gratitude each time I recall this trip. Needless to say that I cried everyday at the thought of a childhood dream come true. The incredible part of this is that by 8 months, you knew who Mickey Mouse was. I made sure of that. It was our weekend ritual, to watch MM clubhouse together at 10 am ever since you were 4 months. Today, your almost 2 and you still watch the show with mommy. Yes, there are times where I stop and think if watching this so young might be detrimental but hey, I consider myself to be well rounded and I watched it. It was very different, it was live action and no cartoons, you know actors like Annette Funicello, Avalon and the gang. Then I grew up with the disco musketeers 1970s, with their primary colored pantsuits, ha ha. Such great memories.

Carr was so happy to be with Mickey!

He loved the parade at Magic Kingdom!

The second,is Sesame Street. It is Sesame's Street 40th anniversary, yeah about my age. Talk about learning, I was raised by two great and extraordinary women, both knew English as a second language. Which made this show essential for them to teach me. They my mom and grandma learned as well. Sesame street was my preschool teacher. Sesame street taught me about different people, I was not exposed to, other colors, handicapped, different exposed me to things and people that I had no way of knowing...not at that age. It made them common, normal. I wish every child would have this opportunity, maybe, just maybe the world would be a better place with no discrimination.

And guess what, my son loves it! He loves Elmo and I loved Cookie Monster but hey same family. It is so cool to see how my son went from just watching this show to becoming an engaged participant. He will point, try to sing and dance and laugh. I wonder if my mother gazed upon me, as I do with Carr, in utter humility at the blessing God gave me. I am thankful that I can sing along with Ernie about his rubber ducky and it all has remained the same, just things to share.

In a world that is filled with new things, Disney and Sesame Street bring solace to my old soul and grant me the possibility of having something in common with my boy. Unfortunately, I know this is the last, he will sooner rather than later come to me with Japanese characters and playing cards, and boyish toys that I will learn and enjoy with him. But we will always have in common our two first childhood friends forever.

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  1. Happy B-Day Sesame Street... I hope they don't change the basic elements that have made the show work so well for all these years