Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playground antics

I have some photos of your second trip to the playground ever. I do not have pics on his first experience because I was alone and did not want to let you outta my sight. Your first playground was "A kids cove" at Liberty, Thomas Rd. Baptist Church. I love this place because we'll be able to enjoy it all winter. It's indoors and toddler friendly.
The photos you see are from a Chick Fillet we went to on labor day, "kid's Cove" was close.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Food Allegies

So let me start by saying I am a worry-wort, when it comes to my child. I am not ashamed of it, nor am I proud. But truth be told, most of my life now a days is dedicated to giving my son the best start possible. I research as much as I can about nutrition, I read about developmental milestones he should be reaching and do whatever I can to encourage his growth. But like most mothers know, you can't cover all the bases and things just happen.
Unexpectedly, Right about a week before we actually decided to move, my son's skin broke out. I thought it could be an excema flare-up or some skin reaction to his sun block. He had had this happen before and I thought it might have been his soap. I was sure it was some reaction to some chemical that I applied on him. Well, I was wrong. Two weeks into packing and preparing to move, my son still had his skin red and itchy and I had taken away the sun block and given it a week to leave his system. Well I decided to give it another week (bad idea) and I put all my efforts into getting us moved while working the same amount of hours and maintaining our home for the past 3 years still safe for Carr to play around in.
Once moved into our new, larger, cleaner and safer apartment, I, of course shift my worrying into my son's skin condition. I counted the weeks and almost had a heart attack that I had let so much time pass by. I called the pediatrician (topic of a future post) and they squeezed me in for that same day. Well, my son had a very bad case of hives and she said that it had to be something he ate and not something that he used. My heart skipped a beat... a food allergy (oh no!). He already had a food sensitivity to milk! I felt my heart sink into a dark pit of concern.
There was no guessing what it could be. A month had passed by and I had introduced several new foods in his diet. I also pointed out that this is not the first time that his skin had broken out! The only solution to this was an allergy test. Which was overall a horrible experience, not worth getting into, unless asked.
Carr has a mild allergy to egg whites couple to his food sensitivity to milk. I found that out about a week before actually speaking with my son's pediatrician. Another bad idea, I had a whole week to stress about those results. Just imagining what this would mean for my son, everything has egg or milk! No cakes, no pizza, no ice cream; which meant danger at birthday parties, or anywhere that wasn't home. What about cross contamination at restaurants, etc.? My panorama for the future was bleak. I hurried to research about vegan diets and make up new recipes for his meals. We finally met with Carr's pediatrician and she said that his allergy was very mild and that he would probably grow out of it. Good news! finally I had some light at the end of the tunnel. She recommended that we take milk and eggs off his diet for a while to build up immunities and we would see in about two years of re-introducing them and watch for any results. I can live with that.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


HI everyone,

I will be gone for a couple of weeks. I have recently moved to a new and so much better apartment (YAY) and my camera was stolen. I have somethings to organize and then i can resume my hobbies.
thanks for the patience,