Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your Papa's Birthday

If there is something I have to be grateful for other than my child and husband, that would be the blessing of having the best in-laws ever. They are very much like my own parents, I hold them near to my heart and pray that God looks over them and blesses them with health so they can enjoy Carr for many years.

My father in-law (dad) has been under the weather this year. His health has had its ups and downs. I pray every day that he recovers and enjoys a peaceful, family-filled life for many years to come. You might say that my reasons are selfish, and they might be, but my son loves his Papa dearly and I want him to have a personal relationship with dad. You see my dad is an absent dad and has been for quiet some time. While he taught me virtues like work ethic, responsibility, honesty and discipline, he was not my friend. My mom and he are in the middle of a divorce that has torn my family apart. I have no grandfathers, never met them, they passed when I was a baby. This brings me here: Papa. He loves my child and my child loves him. What more can I ask for?

I am posting photos of Dad's birthday. Enjoy!

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