Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekly Links from my Reader

Hi and welcome to week seven of sharing with y'all my favorites blog posts directly from my Google reader.  Hope you enjoyed the past few posts and find this seventh week as interesting as I did! I know I enjoyed reading the posts and then compiling them into groups for your enjoyment.

If you have any blogs that you suggest to include in my reader please leave a comment. If you stop by here on a regular basis, I would suggest you follow me and add me to your reader. I would like to know that the hard work is paying off. Have a wonderful week!

Life, Family and Soul
Summer Family Tech Activities     (life your way blog)
What do Kids Really Need?         (Simple Mom)
Keeping your cool when your kids lose theirs     (Not just cute)

Health Tips
Finally, the Truth about Soy       (Zen Habits)
Two peds goes undercover at your local pharmacy     (Two Peds in a Pod) 

I didn't feel very inspired this past week.  This blog posts caught my eye and made me think.  Thanks to the authors for making my week a little less dull.

always making my life interesting!

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