Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Journaling

Hi Everyone!

One week until Christmas!  How is everyone doing?  Hopefully, you are much more organized than I. I still have so much more to do!  I honestly wonder how most of you do it.  Honestly, it didn't help pulling a muscle at the start of the week, Carr getting sick by Thursday and my husband getting sick by Friday.  Drs appointments and pharmacy runs were not in my plans. But I am very pround that I menu planned for two weeks!  I considered that next weekend wound not be a good time to menu plan or grocery shop for the following week.  I am so proud of myself and hopefully, I will pull it off.

Another thing that I am pround of is that I managed to make the apple butter to give to friends and neighbors, made Beef Stew and Northwestern Beef and Vegetable Soup.  My mother in-law made homemade chicken and rice soup for us this weekend also.  Our refridgerator has not been this stuffed for a good while.  This is a huge blessing from God.

This I still need to do:
  1. Christmas cookies
  2. Stocking stuffers for Hubby
  3. Decorate and package Christmas gifts for friends and neighbors: Mason Jars filled with Christmas cookies and Apple butter jars.
  4. Remind Chip to write letters to loved ones.
  5. Finish Carr's homemade gifts
  6. Vacuum and clean the house
 I am still waiting for some gifts to come in the mail and have to prepare and wrap them.  US Postal Service is not the most reliable at this time of year but COME ON!!!  This is actually the first year that my husband and I promised each other not to buy gifts for one another.  It feels so strange not to go all out and spend a ton.  But we honestly believe that we need to be responsible and not get into debt just because.  It is actually the opposite, we are saving that money to get out of debt, more or less putting it toward it.  What do you do on the present side of things for Christmas?  Can you hold back and not spend tons on your family?  What do you focus on for the holidays?



  1. This year we decided to take our "Christmas budget" and spend what we normally would spend on ourselves on a gift for Jesus - we chose World Vision as our recipients of this gift this year. Also, we've been cleaning out closets and toys, giving our extras new homes as we seek to bless others with that with God has blessed us with.

  2. Ashley! This is something that my husband and I have been discussing for next year. We also want to invite others to do the same. Maybe send out early Christmas cards suggesting donations. What I know in my heart is that somewhere along the way many of us have forgotten what Christmas is all about - it's true meaning. This worries me because it is something I do not want my son to learn. We worry more about the gifts and the money than the blessing of Christmas and what it means for us. Thank you for sharing!