Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Journaling 2011

And Carr thought he was on the naughty list...

If you follow my blog you have already seen photos of my Christmas tree.  I have covered the bottom with fake presents.  It is filled of Christmas decorated boxes which Carr has played with for the past weeks.  I know every mom thinks their child is brilliant and special, that fact is, every child is.  They have a way of surprising us by the speed they learn things.  Well, a good friend of mine gave me a present for Carr.  I did not think twice about putting the present under the tree.  How would he tell which one was the real one?
My husband and I heard a shreek and crying come from the living-room. My son had opened the present and seen that it was not what he had asked Santa for.  He was crying because he thought Santa had put him in the naughty list and not given him the present he wanted.  I had to explain to him that during Christmas friends and family also gifted us with presents:  just like Santa.  This was a present from a friend and that Santa's present would get here on Christmas day.

How about that?  I love that my son has the whole Santa fantasy down but I feel kind of bad having to lie to him to keep the illusion going.  Do you have any stories similar to this?  What have you done to get out of sticky situations?

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