Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Journaling 2011

Today, I spent the day decorating with my little man.  I suppose if my child weren't three I could have taken some great photos but alas, he is three and was so hiper that it was a feat to finish the tree today.  Poor little man he woke up so early and already excited.  I can see it now, he will be one of those kids that refuse to sleep on Christmas eve because of the excitement. 
I focused on getting our Christmas tree finished.  We have quite a collection of ornaments, reminding me of an occasion or memory.  Chip and I have celebrated at least 9 Christmas' together since we started dating and we have bought a special ornament every year since.  This is our little tradition.  More on that later!  My house is still a wreck but it's late and I need to relax, tomorrow we'll finish the rest of the house. 
Here is a very poor photo of the tree.  Sorry, I took it on my cellphone and haven't edited it but I hope to take better photos tomorrow.  Take my word on it, it really looks very nice.  Have a great Saturday night and enjoy yourself doing something special, T'is the season!

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