Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Journaling 2011

 For those that don't know my parents are Argentine and I lived there for 18 years, so I couldn't help myself.  Maradona will always be the number 10!

Christmas Race and Tick Tock goes the Clock!

Whew!  Finally, done with my little ones presents.  Like every year, we were chosen to help Santa with special missions for some friends and family.  This year my little man and I went about town enjoying each others company and working very hard for Santa.  We ran into someone very special to us:

Our city invited the Grinch to come and take photos with all the girls and boys.  They even gave a photo for free!  Awesome!

I remember when I was young and the Grinch actually scared me but not my little man, he loves the Grinch! I ran into a few mommy friends there and we decided to have a quick breakfast before starting on our crazy list of errands.  Fun times had by all!

My son's preschool has a curious tradition, they have a Christmas celebration amongst themselves and exchange gifts.  So the parents, us, have to buy presents for all the kids in the class.  They must be the same and gender neutral and not be gist wrapped also.  So here I was in a pickle not knowing what to do and not prepared to spend a whole lot.  Thank goodness for small miracles, I decided to go to the party store instead of the dollar store and bought the children ornaments that they get to color themselves.  This is not an ordinary throw away gift or something that will be a choke hazard.  It is something that mommies can keep and put on their tree for many years.  I plan to decorate lunch brown bags and not close the bag.  So glad that I got that done!

After that I ventured into Toys r''us.  Yes, craziness and insanity on my part but I have a nephew and two of my child's best friends to buy gifts for.  I also needed to check for Santa what stocking stuffers and pow pows that were available for pick up.  I cannot believe that I got it all done and I mean all of it.  By then I was hungry and exhausted so you can imagine the little one.  We treated ourselves to McDonnie's and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the library.  I will show you what I got from there tomorrow.

I am so grateful to have the privileged to share my days with my little man and have the time and money to spread some Christmas cheer.  HO HO HO!

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