Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Journaling 2011

It is hard to fully enjoy this time of year without feeling a pang of longing for my family and friends in Argentina.  There is no other way to say this, I miss my mom and grandmother.  I wish they were living closer to us. I don't have my mom to phone when I need to cry or have a question.  I don't have my mom and granny to spoil Carr.  Christmas makes me miss them even more. They are missing so much of Carr's life, it literally hurts.
My childhood Christmas was very different from how I celebrate it now.  For us the big day is Christmas Eve,  big get together and special dinner then at midnight we got to open our presents.  As a mom now, I really do not know how my mom did it.  I would be a wreck if it were 12 am and Carr was still awake.  He would be a wreck!  Our main and side dishes were different as well.  But what I most miss is my mom putting on different "records" (for those that are younger: records were made of vinyl and were played much like a cd) sing along, made us dance and made Christmas a true celebration.  My granny was always in the kitchen cooking and reminiscing about how much things had changed from when she was a child.  Once everything was prepped and ready, we would all go to mass.  Like I said my Christmas now is much different.  I just wish they could have come for the holidays like they had planned. During my years in Argentina, my Christmas was the direct opposite.  You see it is summer in Argentina so the whole feel of Christmas is different.  Just picture Christmas during the summer, add a pool party to it and stay up until midnight...yep very different.
I woke up this morning thinking about my two ladies, wishing they were here with me.  I miss their voices and smell.  I miss the mother / daughter fights that last about 10 minutes.  I hate that they have to spend it all alone in Argentina.  I also wish the round trip tickets to Argentina weren't so expensive.  It's Christmas time and maybe my wishes are closer to coming true.  Do me a favor this Christmas, make this special occasion about you and your family, let the gifts, food and travel be something to look forward to at a later date.  Make this Christmas about being together because you never know when you simply will not be able to.

This is my Abuela.  Best grandmother that ever existed.

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