Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekly Round-ups

Hi!  After being absent so long, you can only imagine how behind I was with everything.  Did you know that once your Google Reader exceeds 1000 posts it will only say 1000+?  Yes, that is how behind I was.  I kept trying to read and star the posts that I found to be relevant for me between out of town trips and the endless amount of meetings that I seemed to have per week.  I have been going through my highlighted posts this past week and weeded some more out.  Some were just repetitive, some I had already posted on facebook and some just weren't where I wanted to go right now.  It is a pretty whimpy list but it is my favorites from over a month ago!

Things you can make
In progress   (Gingercake)

Things you can cook
Hunt, Gather and Host: quick jams and preserves party  (Design Sponge)

Things for a Mom
List of fun back to school lunch ideas  (List Plan It)
Organizing and decluttering childrens toys (Organizing your way)
Back to school a teachers perspective (Simple Mom)
 Handling back to school separation anxiety (New Latina)
A Guide to Poop  (Baby Mine)
Foolish kids. Bad parents.  (Motherhood your way)

Things for the Soul
One bite at a time (Simple Mom)
The 5 Principles of a Profound Workday  (Zen Habits)

Hope you enjoy the reads and get out and have some fun this weekend!

© Michael Pole

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