Friday, December 31, 2010

Preparations for Christmas

photography by BJWOK
I would say that I start preparing for Christmas right about mid October.  I would sooner but for those that have any Human Resources background will understand I have Open Enrollment during the month of September with an October 1st. deadline.  This means that I am super busy and do a lot of traveling.  These are details that have no bearing to this blog post in particular but give you an idea on how I start my end of the year process...tired.  Which leads me back to Christmas, and why preparation for it is key.  When you are tugged in every which way time can be your best ally or your worst enemy.

This year I wanted to make a special craft for Christmas.  Something extra special for family members.  I researched and researched online until I came across this, thank you so much Renae for your step by step instructions.  My BFF Ashley and I started dedicating one day a week to Christmas planning mid October and guess what, we almost didn't make it!  Making the bread bags, the apple butter preserves, jar decorations and labels, took time and I am thankful that we started early.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the craft nights but those Tuesdays were a godsend.  I had a ball catching up and drinking wine (one thing that I haven't done since I had Carr.)

Ashley and I on Christmas day, newlyweds and no children as of yet.
I want to personally thank Ashley for taking the time to teach me how to sew.  She juggles a job, two babies, a stay at home husband and college.  She always has time for friends and always is willing to help someone in need.  Thanks to her I was able to make these:

Bread bag  stuffed with goodies

Apple butter and homemade bread

Another type of bread bag
Please don't get me wrong, I loved learning how to make these but I spread myself thin this year.  I literally bit more than I could chew.  Another great lesson that I learned from this Christmas is that you must always keep in mind your limitations.  Between all the end of the year activities at work, home and all the side projects I had, I left to the bitter end the endless baking for friends and office buddies.  And boy did we bake!  Check out my baking post and it includes recipes!  Christmas cookie baking

All in all, I have learned a few things this holiday season which is a plus and hopefully next Christmas will be better and less stressful.  If you have great homemade gift ideas I am open to suggestions.  I will start preparing my Christmas binder next month.  It is my intention to include many ideas I simply loved that some of my favorite bloggers shared this year.
Some of them you can see here, Please check them out:
Pecan waffle mix
Vanilla Sugar
Salt dough ornaments
Cinnamon honey butter
Pleated Apron
Hot cocoa & homemade marshmellows

Thanks for the patience and interest and see you next year!

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