Monday, December 6, 2010

Autumn Pleasures

My favorite season by far is Autumn.  I wish this season would last longer, the crisp air, the welcomed baking, the decorations, all coming together for only a few weeks.  You also need to understand that I live in the south, which means that our warm weather usually lasts until the end of September or the start of October. When I tell you that we only literally enjoy autumn for about a month I am not exaggerating.  But even though autumn is still short two of my top three holidays are celebrated - Halloween and Thanksgiving.

After much deliberation, I came to the realization that I would never enjoy Halloween as when I was a child.  This happened about 4 years ago and much has happened and changed since then. Humbly, I must admit I was dead wrong.  There is nothing like Halloween when you have a child. I had been buying him a different costume every weekend for about a month - he has most of his super heroes.  He and I play in the meantime pretend "good guys and super hero", I wrote a whole post about his super hero obsession: 
I saved his favorite super hero for Halloween, "Batman". It was so much fun!  And he looked so cute!  Can't wait until next year.
My little Dark Knight

All ready to go out Trick or Treating

His favorite phrase of the day "Happy Halloween"

Start of a really bad sugar rush

I didn't know grown-ups put costumes on
 The Friday before Halloween there was a "Halloween Party" at the local elementary school.  Carr had so much fun and was such a social flower that I marveled how well he behaved in such an environment.  He instantly made friends with his super hero friends and it took him a while to befriend the other kids.  It was a great night shared with Aunt Mimzy, Meme and Henry - Good times had by all!

Fonzi and Spiderman

Big Spiderman and Small Spidy

Spiderman and Spidy - friends forever!

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