Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My month of December

Obviously, everyone's holiday season is outrageously hectic.  Mine is no different or special - it is just crazy busy.  I apologize for disappearing for the past couple of weeks, I have been juggling a few demanding balls in the air.  My mom wisely said to me during our weekly conversation that I do it to myself.  She is absolutely right (like most moms are).  But how do I explain to my mom that I love this time of year, that I want to give my son some old fashion traditions and that I love homemaking.  My mom would be happier and less worried if I didn't spread myself too thin and I get that.  I have noticed in my life that if I plan accordingly for events and allot time to all my tasks, then I will be less pressured and stressed.  This is my schedule for the month of December and how I have allotted dates to complete my tasks.

I cannot give away many clues as to what I have planned for Christmas.  Much of my work has to do with homemade and handmade gifts to friends and family.  This is the first year I have tried out sewing and I love it!  I actually think I found my craft.  I am not the greatest but give it time and practice, I found the same peace and fulfillment as I do when I cook.  Hopefully, you'll enjoy photos of my handmade gifts in future posts, I cannot post them now in fear of ruining the surprise.

Every Christmas since I came back home has been better than the last, at the risk of sounding corny.  But it has!  I love decorating my home for Christmas and I love how cozy it feels during the holiday season. This year decorating the apartment has been extra fun because I had a helper.

I have the best little helper

We took our time and did not rush

Had fun and created memories

Best day ever: Carr was a doll.

Megatron should also help mommy!

Our finished product: not too shabby!

So tired, Carr put a sock on his hand and vegged out watching TV

We want to have a little bit of Christmas cheer in every nook and cranny of the apart.  We do not have much but we are very happy where we are, we are very blessed and thank God on a daily basis.

From my family to yours, may you get everything done, enjoy every moment, be rested and peaceful and most of all, may you feel loved.

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