Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Thankgiving

I went and looked back at my blog and found that I am notorious for late posting during the holidays.  This can mean two things:  I am not a very organized homemaker and blogger or it can mean that I enjoy the holiday and document it later.  I tend to lean towards a mix of both.There has been so much going on in the Loving household, much to do, much to plan and new rutines to incorporate.

As I have commented before I am trying real hard to incorporate in my life a healthier lifestyle, working out, eating better and quit smoking.  I have been touch in go on all three.  I am a recovering smoker, quite like any vice, one uses it as a cruch as a coping mechanism.  I am trying to replace this with exercise.  Which is hard becasue everytime you need a cigarette you cannot bust out exercising, you have to have patience and wait until you can take out your frustrations during a workout session.  My weight has become a major problem in my life.  I am not happy with the person I have become which makes me frustrated which makes me want to eat everything I have in the fridge or smoke a cigarrette.  It is a self perpetuating cycle that I have to work on everyday at every hour.  Why do I do this when I can just leave things as is?  Because I want to be there at Carr's graduation (college) and  I want to be healthy, I also want to be a good example for Carr.

This Thanksgiving I ran my second 5K by myself for the first time.  It was the first time I walked/jogged from start to finish by myself without a friend pacing me.  It was also a much harder course with hills involved.  It was so hard but I did it and finished 5 minutes before my last time.  My best friend Ashley was there at the finish line waiting and I ran the end crying all emotional and just proud of myself for finishing it.  I was somewhat proud of myself but sad that most of all the major events in my life, I was alone without my family.  These are moments in which I miss my mom and grandmother tremendously.

Liz Royer and I before the race

Ashley Marshall, my BFF and photographer

My number

And it starts!

I ran almost the whole first mile.

Finish Line: couldn't come to soon!

Very proud that I actually came before that young girl.  We had been passing one another for 2 miles.

My mother in-law hosted Thanksgiving at her house that night, thankfully I only had to contribute a desert and a side.  Which gave me time to recuperate from the race and rest.  As always, family get-togethers at my in-laws are fun and relaxing - thankfully no drama involved.  The company was great and we were surrounded by people we loved and loved us back.  Thanks Lynn for hosting a beautiful thanksgiving, making it welcoming to all and embracing everyone with love and peace.

If there is something that I envy from my MIL is her attention to detail and her great sense of taste.  She can always make something look extroardinary out of just ordinary materials around the house or in her garden.

My husband Chip and my nephews Ricky and Asher

My doom: dips and appetizers

Marion, is my neice, she has her own beautiful blog Marion Glass and etsy store, I would encourage you to visit both - they are both beautiful and one of a kind.  I cannot say enough about how proud I am of Marion.  She has grown up to be a beautiful woman, an exceptional mother and awesome photographer. She is also a great and trusting friend.

The man of the hour: psst he cooked the turkey.  My brother in-law Rick.

Father and son eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Dad and only some of  his grandchildren. 

Still eating?


  1. Great job on finishing the 5K that's awesome!!! I wish I could do that, but i so hate running lol. Dinner looked great we really wish we could have been there.
    Hunter and Family

  2. so proud of you and all that you are doing! love! ashley

  3. Thank you Hunter and Lori! We missed you guys very much during Thanksgiving. Give Betsy a big hug from all of us and we hope to see y'all soon.

  4. Thanks Ashley! Thank you for being there and sharing that moment with me.