Monday, November 1, 2010

Family Vacation - Sandbridge, VA

It's funny how vacation sometimes turns into something you never expected.  I spent months just imagining how restful and relaxing this vacation would be.  It had been almost a year and a half since my  last vacation, to say that I was looking forward to some days off was an understatement.  But to be absolutely sincere, I had every planned out and no where in my plans was some time taken out for me to rest and relax.  Something I have learned from this vacation, is that if you really want to rest, you need to schedule it in.  If you don't, well then, you won't rest.

Also, you can have the best laid out plans but things happen. Could we have prevented in any way shape or form, that my son, my husband and I got sick before, during and after said vacation. No.  Was it anyone's fault?  No!  Would that become a major point of contention?  If you also add that Chip and I were weening off of cigarettes, well that is just dandy!

The weather was spectacular the first few days.  It seemed like summer.  The last time we stayed at Sandbridge Carr was 8 months old.  The first time around he was too tiny to enjoy the beach.  But now he had his own sandbox that he could play in every day.

In 2008, when we were here last, I was still in a haze from having a small child that did not sleep through the night.  I was very exhausted, physically and mentally.  This go around I felt the same but with more experience and less nervous just plain ole' confident in myself and in Carr.  He was the greatest child and we enjoyed our mutual company.  I sometimes feel that I lose so much being the parent that works all day and of course I overcompensate on weekends and weeknights.  It was great being able to travel somewhere without the stress of guessing and packing everything my son "might" need.

As I was previously saying, we were sick but it was my husband that was hit the hardest and the longest.  He didn't get to enjoy our son as much as I did at the beach. It was a true joy to see him play in the beach.   It was great to be with my son all day.  Enjoy breakfast with him, play, read color, eat and sleep together - that is what we did.

By mid week, the weather changed and it got very cold and rainy.  Luckily, every city and town has a bookstore.  Wish I had taken some photographs of Carr there.  I was so proud that he passed up playing with Thomas the train to sit at a round table and read books about his beloved superheroes.  It was very sweet to watch and share.

We tried to get a family picture, but the weather, the illness and just plain ole' toddler hood just didn't cooperate.  We gave it our honest try and this was the best one that my MIL took.  Seriously, I don't see it becoming a part of our Christmas card but it is a good memory worthy to be kept. 

You have probably noticed that I have been experimenting with collages.  I love them!  And they are helping me decide which pictures I want to print and make into a series to display.  This is not the best I've done but it is pretty cool considering all the obstacles there were in an unknown environment.  I really want to take photography lessons and I want to get a Digital SLR.  Yes, people these pictures come from a point and shoot. YEA!

The photos taken from my mother in laws camera are a world apart from mine.  I love the resolution and how crisp the shots taken look.  I love playing with lighting and color on my photos.  I guess it just make me feel like I am making or setting the mood.  A photo is suppose to capture a moment but sometimes certain photos still need an additional explanation to guide the reader towards the state of mind of the author.  Don't you agree?

Would it help to know that I was scared about my child playing to close to the water.  I love this shot!  Looking back I miss the serenity of the ocean, it's smell, the sounds,

Every morning my son would wake up and say "I go a beach".  He enjoyed himself and that my friends is the only thing that matters as far as I am concerned.  My son had fun and learned new things and experimented new experiences.  Two weeks later, my son still mentions to me his beloved beach.

As for me, I slept and enjoyed the time I so craved with my family.  Wish I had more time to give, more energy.  Thanks to my husband and MIL, I finally got some candid shots.  I really hate being photographed, it feels like the Chandler Bing episode about getting his engagement photos done (friends).  That is exactly how I smile for the camera.

But all in all our vacation was great and we are very fortunate to have had the opportunity. I am grateful that I got to spend some quality time with my family.  I also enjoyed the stillness and quietness of the ocean, it helped my soul.  Stress has been getting to me lately, work and everyday worries have gnawed at me. 

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