Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Goals and a tough road ahead

This post is not about what you may think.  It's not about home management, menu planning or decluttering.  It's about my husband, Chip and I.  I like to think we're a pretty cool couple, we concentrate on what makes us work instead of focusing on what annoys us.  Don't get me wrong we don't bury our heads in the sand or avoid the big fat elephant in the room.  We choose to enjoy each other.  We laugh together, we read together and pretty much enjoy the companionship.  We both enjoyed something very much, so much that we never wanted to change, just the thought of this sent cold chills down our backs.  We both smoked ... yeah we loved smoking.  I am writing in the past tense because as you imagine, we have quit. 

I have smoked since I was 16 and let me tell you that the saddest day of this year was the day I said goodbye to my most trusted friend.  I did this for me, for my health, for Carr and for the future. Intellectually, I understand and agree that it was the smartest decision but in my heart I hold a sadness for the absence of a dear friend. I really can't say what started it all but I quit smoking and I am working out.

I walked a 5K. Yeah, you heard me, I actually did a 5K and am signed up for another on Thanksgiving morning.  I am trying to eat healthier food, which is very hard.  I will be posting some ideas for meals and what work and what doesn't.

 I actually did this!

This is how much time I took walking and pushing Carr' baby 

Not a day has gone by that given the opportunity I would smoke a cig.  People say it takes time.  I am willing to wait.  Everyday that comes by makes the urges more bearable. Funny how a child can change your whole life.


  1. Hey--here's a comment (saw you busting on Ashley for never commenting). I know quitting smoking will make a huge difference in your life (and health)--so keep up the good work! Heard from Hanne recently--she had a little boy named August (Aw-goost) in September. He's healthy and all is well. Figured you'd be interested.

  2. Anne! Great to hear from you and nice to know you read this my humble blog.
    Oh my God, Hanne is a mommy! So glad to hear this. I would love to catch up with Hanne, please send her my contact information.
    How are you and Kevin. Your apartment looks awesome, would love to visit soon! Keep in touch and thanks for the comment!