Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rory's Wedding and Melissa's Bridal shower

I am so behind on blog posts, it just isn't funny anymore. This particular post has to do with me and my inner circle: my friends.  You see, friends are what keeps you sane once you join the married and have children club.  While I have to acknowledge that I am so blessed to have the supportive husband I have, that I know how much he loves me and Carr, nothing can quite explain the power of a friend.  You know, the one that knows YOU WEREN"T CRAZY TO BEGIN WITH!!!
This post is dedicated to two of my dear friends that have decided to join the club: Rory and Melissa.  I don't want to make this a sappy post, they know how much I love them, they were there for the fun, sad, stressed out times in college.  We know our history, what is important that now is that we have grown apart through the years, marriage (mine) and pregnancy (mine), many, many moves (Melissa's) and distance (Rory).

Let me confess that I secretly planned my vacation to coincide with Rory's wedding, so I could go and not be freakin' rushed (you'll learn more about that).  My girls know that since I have had Carr, I have refused to sleep away from him.  My son and I have slept every night since he was born under the same roof.  Which is kind of a triumph considering my job sometimes requires me to travel to job sites.  I have always return home or taken my guys with me. I didn't want to leave Carr and go to the wedding and stay overnight - I am just not ready to do this yet.  Sooo, cue in vacation to Sandbridge which is about an hour away.  YAY!  I got to have lunch with Ms. Rory and enjoy some of her time (which was a miracle in itself).

My son absolutely loves his Ms. Rory.   Here we are about a month later and he still wants to go to the beach and see Ms.Rory.  So sweet!

This was truly a highlight in my week!  It was such a big deal that Rory take the time (3 days before her wedding) just to have lunch. Not getting into to much detail we had a great lunch and caught up.  I want to post some of my favorite photos of her wedding.

Did I forget to mention that her wedding was incredible?  The venue, the weather, and the details all came together perfectly on her day.  She deserves it and much more.

I always like to look at the groom when the bride is coming in, I totally agree with the screen writer for "27 dresses"!

Rory looked fabulous! 

Mr. and Mrs Joshua Jansen

Some cocktails before dinner.  Open bar, need I say more.  Such fun!

Candied apple souvenirs - I had a small taste of it prior - such a great idea!

 Wedding Party - need to highlight that most of the females are all dear friends from college.

Such a great couple!

 Bridesmaid Megan Willis Fontana - dear friend

Maid of Honor - Lee Thomas (aka my sista)

Like I said cocktails before dinner - open bar - need I say more.

Just one more thing before I change gears.  I am very proud of the gift packaging for Rory's wedding.  My mother in law helped me (well she practically did it all).  I have to say I chose the material and color scheme - so there!  Before you think I bought all these gifts on my own, no way can't afford that.  Melissa Grant and I went together on this. 

I think they look gorgeous!

Melissa's Bridal Shower

I need you to picture a very outspoken, vivacious, intelligent, gorgeous red-head.  Can you picture that - OK then you know Melissa Grant.  She is the kind of girl you want beside you when the going gets tough, when you are in a mood, or when you want to party.  I really can't imagine when you don't want Melissa Grant around.  You couple that with her fiancee, who just happens to be one of the coolest guys I know (which by the way gets along with my husband, yay).  And you have a couple made in heaven, forge in mount Olympus and destined for glory.  Yeah, I know I might be taking it a tad to far but you must understand I love these guys!
Melissa decided to have her bridal shower in Richmond, Va.  About two hours away from where I live. Well, this is how much I love this girl.  I drove to Richmond by myself.  You must be thinking so what is the big deal?  OK, let me fill you in on a secret.  I get lost almost every time I get in my car and wander off the paths I have learned.  I have never driven in a city with city traffic.  Yes, I am a disgrace to feminists' everywhere.  I have no excuse!  But, guess what?  I drove it all by myself and didn't get lost, well Garmin helped.
I had a great time catching up with friends, meeting new friends and just enjoying Melissa's day.  I truly wish I could have stayed for the bachlorette party but like I explained before - I am just not ready to leave my kid overnight yet.  But I have come a long way so don't give up on me yet!

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