Monday, July 11, 2011

Sick Child

I want to begin this post by telling you that we had a gorgeous weekend.  As a family, we enjoyed each other, spent time at the pool and enjoyed our extended family.  It was an awesome weekend!  I cannot explain how much we were looking forward to one of the two family get-togethers we have a year.  I blogged about "The Loving 4th of July Celebration" here .   It had been a while since we enjoyed their company.  We had not seen Chip's aunts and uncles since Christmas and I was even asked to baked my coconut cake!  But of course ... life happens...

My little man woke up on the fourth with a very congested cough.  I sincerely didn't think much about it, summer cold, nothing important...right?  As the day progressed, he got worse and worse, so much so that instead of leaving early, I decided to let him have a short nap.  Once he woke up, we immediately decided against taking him to the get-together.  He was very congested, weepy, coughing and had labored breath.  We thought that because he didn't have a fever, things weren't that bad.  Boy were we wrong!  If I  could turn back time, I would change one thing, I would have taken him to the ER.  When my husband asked if we should have gone, according to the doctor, it wouldn't have change much of the situation but I would have not spent all night worried if he was breathing.

My child was diagnosed with Asthmatic Bronchitis this past week.  The doctor says it could be a virus or it could be something having to do with his allergies.  I cannot even begin to describe how long Monday night was for us.  It seemed to last forever.  The next day we took him to his pediatrician.  After the doctor saw him, she prescribe nebulizations and steroids.  We were not happy campers.  Needless to say, that I normally would not chose to give my son steroids but once you see your child so sick you will accept anything to make him feel better.

Honestly, nothing prepared us for Carr's reaction to the steroids.  He is three and a half so everything was compounded,  talk about hyper and at times so mean and rebellious!  Luckily, he has been off the medication since yesterday.  While he is still very congested, he is no longer wheezing.  I called his doctor today, worried about his congestion and if we should return to the medication.  She said that as long as he did not have a fever, we would just have to let it ride it's course. Really?  So we do no prevention nor we make comfortable. We do not do anything until they are sick and weak.  Do not pay attention to me, I am tired and worried and want my son to get better.  I know it's not the end of the world and that there are other children battleling real illness, I know.  Still this does not bring me solice nor does it make me care less about his overall health.

Gosh, he absolutely loathed the treatments.  We had to invent this story that the fire truck you see in the background was really an autobot and that when he were in trouble, it would come to his rescue.  He seemed OK with it afterwords, but he still needed coaxing to do them. 

Well, as soon as he gets better, you will see me back.  Hopefully soon!  Have a great week!

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