Thursday, July 28, 2011

My So-called Weekly Link Round-ups

Hi!  It has been so long (2 months!!!!) since my last round-up post.  I have written about this many times...Life happens.  Many things get in the way, you re-prioritize or you are just so mentally drained that it is impossible to share anything more.  My Google reader had about 850 unread blog posts.  I have been trying to tackle that and document which ones I thought were awesome.  So without further notice..."My so-called weekly links from my reader" post.

Ice cream without a machine                         (Honey and Jam)
Grandma's Zucchini Cake Recipe                 (Simply Recipes)
The perfect chocolate tart                             (Cheeky Kitchen)
Tzatziki Recipe                                              (Good Life Eats)
Caprese Salad                                              (The Pioneer Woman Cooks)
No Bake Chocoalate Cake                           (101 cookbooks)
Spaghetti alla Carbonara                                (Closet Cooking)
Flatbreads with honey, thyme and sea salt       (Smitten Kitchen)
Spicy Garlic Cashew Chicken Recipe             (Simple Recipes)

Meet the Light box                                              (Modern Parents Messy Kids)
DIY Scavenger Hunts and I Spy Games              (Modern Parents Messy Kids)
Homemade finger paints                                      (Easie Peasie)
Quiet time with audio books                                (Modern Parents Messy Kids)

Eye Candy
First Day of Summer Blues                  (Censational Girl)
Julia Hoersch Photography                  (Decor 8)
Perfect Recipe: Clay and Terracota     (Delight by Design)
Children's Book Choices for July        (The Crafty Crow)

Spiritual, Organization and about a million motherly things!
People are what you expect them to be                 (Blog of Impossible things)
Q + A session                                                       (Marta writes)
6 Money Lessons for My College Aged Daughter      (Zen Habits)
The 2011 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen               (Green your way...Life your way)
Let Go Of Perfect                                                 (The tuckers take Tennessee)
In which I'd totally buy these                                 (The Badass Geek)
Has Blogging Transformed Motherhood                (Design Mom)
Computer Buying Guide                                        (Technology your way)
Using Routines to Become More Productive          (Productivity your way)
Travel Photography tip  (Great idea)                      (Becky's Blog)
Nella Cordelia a birth story                                    (Enjoying the small things)

On the Go Crayon Organizer                       (Gingercake)
Decorative Tile Message Board                   (Tatertots and Jello)
Hostess Gifts                                               (Narrating Life)
10 Etsy Lessons from a Top Seller              (Peace and Projects)

Enjoy the up-coming weekend!

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