Saturday, October 2, 2010

Little boys and SuperHeroes

It is funny how having a son has gained me access to the inner sanctum that is a man's mind, at least this is what I wish.  When they say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus...they weren't kidding.  It was absolutely obvious the difference between us at a year and a half.  My little boy can't sit still, this is physically impossible for him unless he is sick.  No matter how hard I tried to deviate this, he discovered Pow-pows, and even without having one (I refused to buy for the longest time), creativity has lent a hand and Lego's or sticks have accomplished the job. My little warrior loves his pow-pows and ninja swords.  He loves running around fighting and battling with our cats. And please let us not forget...the most important...

Super Heroes

Yes, my son is quite obsessed with them.  His all time favorite, for right now are Spidey, Batman, Iron man and Captain America. 

Spider man was Carr's first secret identity!

When choosing your gear, you must be very careful. 

He likes to pose when in costume, incredible!

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