Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekend life - Simple things

As I have said previously, we are making a concerted effort to find new and exciting ways to enjoy the weekend. We have still managed to fit in a playground visit, weather permitting every Saturday. I love this particular playground, I wish I could have discovered it sooner.

Most of the times we buy lunch and have it in the picnic area.  It makes lunch extra special!

I have to admit that my son has watched parts of the Harry Potter movies.  While I admit they are not age appropriate, he is fascinated by the movies and the magic.  He comes to this cylinder and plays "petronas" in it.  I find it extremely cute!

This mini train is his favorite.  We pretend it's Thomas and we are going to Sodor on an adventure.

This past Saturday I let Carr bring his favorite toys to play in the sandbox.  We played there for two hours playing good guys and bad guys.  Carr had so much fun and so did his mommy.
I tried to teach him to write his name...not bad for a first time!

"Mommy, mommy look at my feet!"

"I have sand!"

He was learning all about foot prints and tire tracks.

See you next weekend!

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