Monday, October 18, 2010

It's been a while.

Much has happened since my last post.  It seems that when life gets complicated I find it hard to keep up with my posts, for this I apologize.  But sincerely, when my familly needs my full attention I find it very hard to set aside "me" time to sit and write. Life is life and those that have families understand.
Carr caught a stomach virus for the first time.  Like all childhood sickness, it came at night around 4:30 am and it did not let up until 3pm the next day.  I took Carr to the pediatrician and she confirmed that it was a stomach virus.  Just imagine 5 days before going on vacation!  Two days later Chip caught a cold and it followed him on vacation and back.  Geesh, we have had a hard two weeks health wise.  On the positive side, as I mentioned before, we went on vacation. That will be an upcoming post, I have some great pictures.
Back to being sick, it absolutely sucks.  I haven't been sick since I was pregnant and I had forgotten how miserable it was.  The reason for this post is primarily to recommend that everyone should take vitamins especially vitamin D, when you feel that you are about to get sick you should take emergen-C 3 times a day and grapefruitseed extract.  You'll ask how is it that I got sick, easy both my men were sick and I just lost myself to them, taking care of them and preparing to go on vacation. But sincerely, I could be much worse, I only have mild simtoms.  Have a healthy winter!

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