Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekend Life

Lately, I have been trying to do something interesting on weekends.  Things that for me are out of the ordinary, things that get postponed, overlooked and wished for, these are the moments I am trying to have at least once every weekend.

Community Market & Saturday shared with Mimi

I think the smartest decision I have made this year was to join a farmers co-op.  I took these photos the first Saturday I went to pick up my produces.  This has become a highlight of my weekend.  I love the romantic idea of buying straight from a farm, no grocery store involved. Funny how the simple things bring a smile to your face.

 Lynn and I went antique shopping.  I fell in love with this particular piece.

 We also went to a nursery.  I love the smell of fresh soil.

 Local cafe.  Such a quaint coffee shop, look at the antique copper coffee machine.

 New bakery at the farmers market, which I highly recommend...delish!

 Farmer's Market

I love marigolds.  They are so simple and bring a smile to my face.

Blackwater Trail - summer walk
I always wanted to go walking in the blackwater trail.  It was a great Sunday, we had breakfast with Mimi and then went walking.

First day at the Pool
We spent the day at Mimi's pool.  Carr found a Dora doll and played with her all day.  He is hesitant of the water, which is fine.  I rather that than him trying to jump in on his own. 

Some special moments jumbled together
This particular Sunday it was filled with guilty pleasures.  We played trains all morning and then had a soy fudgesicle. 

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