Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas preparations

My friends from Argentina would get a kick out of reading this blog. They would be literally scratching their heads in wonder of much I have changed. You see 9 years ago, I didn't cook nor did I have a need for domesticity. I was much more a cosmopolitan kind of girl, yes I know how utterly corny that sounds.
Once I married, I wanted to pride myself in my culinary achievements. Once my child was born I wanted to be the best mom I could possibly be, a great wife and an awesome lady of the house. It has been a slow but steady growth and I have a long ways to go. But I really want to evidence this metamorphosis so I can remember where I was, where I am and hopefully any improvements I gather along the way.
This is how I decorated our apartment for Christmas. Bear in mind that Carr is two and gets into everything. I had to improvise and be very crafty in order to decorate our home for Christmas.

Our new apartment the ceilings are lower than our old apartment, could not fit the star I had on my Christmas tree. Solution: Placed it on my kitchen counter tops. Made a cute Christmas bread arrangement.

Did the same thing over the microwave. If you're like me, this is the catch all for papers and unwanted "stuff" that were on the counter tops at any given moment. This is how I prevented that from happening.

A very unprofessional photo of our tree. You'll see better ones in the next posts to come.

Our Christmas cards. I have noticed that year after year, we are receiving less and less Christmas cards. I think it's a shame. I am all about being frugal and simple but there are certain traditions that teach our children graciousness, gratitude, and etiquette. This year for the first time Carr sent out Christmas cards to his little buddies. It is my intention that until he is old enough to fight me on this (hoping not), he will be sending Christmas cards to his friends.

These are our stockings. They have been in my husband's family and have been hand down to us. I am hoping that by next Christmas I can knit or sew our very own.

Our guest bathroom. Particularly proud of the decoration of this room. It came together nicely.

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