Saturday, January 30, 2010

Carr's Second Birthday Party

My little man turned two! My husband and I knew we wanted to celebrate this occasion with family and friends, but we were torn as to where. There aren't many venues available in Lynchburg, VA. and I really did not want to have it at home. I never thought how much preparation goes into these events at his age. Let me give you some examples:

1. I needed to find a venue where the adults could sit and be comfortable and the children could run and play.
2. I wanted to choose a place where my son would feel comfortable, that he has been to before.
3. Once the place was found, I had to start thinking of the hour. I didn't want to infringe upon his or the rest of the children's nap time.
4. Menu
5. party favors

I think I chose the best location given my resources and the conditions explained earlier. What was cool about the whole deal was that the place was free! (keeping faithful to my New Years Resolution). Because of this, it has a very long waiting list on the weekends, so I decided to celebrate his birthday on Friday. The place is fabulous, it has an indoor playground and an outdoor playground also (summer). You have tables and a great little coffee shop right next to it (adults=check). My son has been going there on play dates on weekends since the fall (comfortable for Carr=check). I booked the place from 10 am to 1 pm, no nap time ruined. If the adults wanted something other than bottled water, they had the coffee shop. I provided cake, breakfast muffins (vegan and non-vegan), the kiddies had apple juice, fruit cups and chicken nuggets for lunch. Also, please check out the party favor bags. They were handmade to complement the theme of Carr's birthday party: "Thomas and Friends".

It was tiring but the party turned out a success. I could not have done any of this if it weren't for a few people that I would like to thank:
Thanks Kim and Marion for helping me be frugal and showing me where to get party favors and party supplies a great prices. Everything looked great, simple and classy!
I want to thank my mom in-law. Thank you for keeping me grounded, helping me set up and getting the birthday cake. I could not have done this without you.

I am posting only some photos of the birthday considering I have around 150. Did not want to bore anyone to death with overload of photos.

Party invite

Thomas, the train: his favorite.

This is how we decorate the table for the party.

Handmade party favor bags.

His cake: Thanks Mom!

Henry and Carr sitting together at the table having lunch.

Cousin Megan came all the way from Atlanta!

Happy Birthday Carr song!

blowing out the candles with mommy and daddy

My husband surrounded by the kids when opening presents - so cute!

Carr "reading" a birthday card.

Grandma Tutti and Carr

Cousin Megan, Mommy, Cousin Iam, Aunt Anne, Stacy Dixon and Ryder, Cousin Marion and Cousin Henry, Grandma Tutti and Aunt Mimzy!
We love you so much little Carr!

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  1. it was a fantastic birthday party, you did a great job! i hope carr loved all of his presents! xoxo Ashley