Thursday, February 12, 2009

My indepentant little man

Let me start by saying that my child is the sweetest boy I have ever been around. But that said, he has his little temper, and not surprisingly his has what I would call a bratty attitude. I can't call it full fledged bratty because this would mean that he gets "it" and already knows how to play us and most importantly we let it happen...oh nooooo, we said that would never happen.
In reality we try not to. But sometimes just sometimes, he is crying and pouting and he looking up at you with that look...I go and console him and I give him my blackberry.
Yes, i will regret caving in, yes I know that he has to learn no, and yes he should not be playing with it in the first place.
Tonight, my darling angel wanted to throw his blocks against the glass coffee table. He liked the noise it made. I had to remove the blocks and say very forcefully no-no! He cried, threw himself to the floor and cried some more. I didn't give him his blocks back but I picked him up and gave him a hug. Soon he'll understand, he'll know but knowing him he'll keep trying.

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