Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our special Christmas and New Year dinner

My brother in-law Hunter, my sister in-law Lori, my niece Betsy, mother in-law Lynn, father in-law Papa and us had our family Christmas last night. We decided to do this after christmas because of previous engagements that you might have read or not. We were in Atlanta and Hunter and Lori and Betsy were in Vermont.

We had a wonderful night, dinner was as my mother in-law said "some childhood edible memories" and even though my little boy was a handful (going through a growth spurt and teething also!) I managed to really enjoy myself.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos. Couldn't think straight, I had woken up at 6 am, worked all day, and then gone to Wal-mart to get groceries. I was literally exhausted! But dinner was delicious, grandma tutti had prepared 2 kinds of chicken entrees, both equally superb. Hunter fed my baby chicken livers that night. Carr seemed to loved it and best of all had no problem sleeping.

Carr loved on everyone and really enjoyed playing with his cousin Betsy. He loves his gifts and so do I! We are very blessed, Carr has received so many toys and keepsakes. This is a day later, playing and watching sprout channel.

Yes, he got old timey them! He also received a bunch of baby books and ornament keepsakes for our tree next year.

This is by far Carr's favorite author. He loves these books always goes for them first. I am proud to say that my son has equally as much books as toys and he enjoys playing with them as much!

I need to add a note, Lori knits like the Gods. she made my mother in-law a handbag that I absolutely covet! she made me this scarf and these gloves are chip's. I have to make him take them off!

I need to add a special thank you to my mother in-law Lynn. After all that she does for me on a personal level, her support and her words of encouragement, she finds the time and goes to the expense of buying me these beautiful pearls. They are exguisite as they are priceless in my eyes. Thank you Lynn!

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