Friday, January 16, 2009

Carr walks...and I missed it!

Carr walked for the first time last Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009. And yes, I missed it. I was so happy that he starting walking before he turned one but I was at the same time furious with life. How unfair it is to work and miss those moments. Instead of feeling sad, I felt furious. I remember a comment I had to take, one of many, from a stay at home mom, she called me an "amateur mom". She treated me like I was only a part-time caregiver and had no parenting knowledge what so ever. Yes, furious! This only made me go through all the mental notes on articles read about wearing your baby, breast feeding forever, the importance of being there for him. Oh well, can I sincerely expect these women to understand anything about sacrifice? Do they know I work and I cook, prepare his food, take care of him at night, play with him as much as I can before goes to sleep. Do they know that I work many nights until midnight at home?
If your a stay at home mom and you feel offended by my words, i am truly sorry but try not to judge working moms so harshly and try to imagine what we are going through. I sincerely think that women should not be so judgemental of one another. We have hard expectations to achieve. We must be educated, we must be successful and also be some sort of 50s model housewife. Very Hard!
I work because my baby needs to have health insurance, he needs clothes, sustenance and toys. I also work because I enjoy it. Yes, I really enjoy my job. Having the possibility to help others on a daily basis is God's blessing to me. In the long run, I hope my son understands that I did the best I could and that he has a successful mom with aspirations of her own and has a life out of the house.
Here I am posting a video of my baby walking and playing, i am so proud of him I could cry!

He is also playing with his first birthday gift that Celeste gave him last week. He loves his Pooh honey jar! Thank you Celeste.

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  1. being a working mom is no joke--it's pretty rough sometimes. i'm here for you though, we can commiserate together!