Sunday, December 21, 2008

Start of a new hobby

This is my first try at blogging. For those who are experts at this I am sorry for any mistakes I might make.
My intention is to stop and pause my crazy busy life and take a moment to enjoy and reflect on all the good things happening around me.
I have a beautiful 10 month old, a loving husband and a rewarding job. I live in a small apartment with them and two cats (Jinx and Jax).
As I write I am very aware of the long "to do list" I have for today. But this is more important, in the long run I am hoping that it will allow me to stop and smell the roses!
My son and I woke up at 6 am. This is our routine, we get out of bed (yes, he sleeps with me!), and have a ba of milk and watch the Sprout channel.
Today is special, I know that weare planning to go to Atlanta for Christmas! I finished our Christmas shopping and I finally finished a work project that my boss was very interested in. I suddenly feel relieved but at the same time secretly guilty that I can do much more but lack the energy. I should be making Christmas cookies, I should be sending out Christmas cards, etc.
I am going to put my baby down for a nap (crossing my fingers) and start wrapping presents, cleaning the kitchen, tidying up and doing laundry. It never ends!

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  1. Great job with "the boy" and the blog!!!