Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas re-visited

Many Christmas' ago, I was published in Highlights magazine. I think I was in the 5th grade, during 1980's. I wrote a small letter about Christmas. How it was submitted, and all that process escapes my mind. My mother was crazy proud, and she should have the clipping.

FYI, I was born in New York. Like most New Yorkers, I can go on and on about how wonderful our city is but seriously... New York during Christmas is the best! As a child, my most vivid memories are about situations and mental pictures that have somehow or another left lasting impressions in my physique. I went to Macy's and enjoyed their Christmas showcase every year. It almost always snowed. At first, to my recollection, my family had big parties. My house was where all the Argentines would hang out. Their families were far away and they missed home. This only fueled my ideas about Christmas.

My mom would make such an effort to make every Christmas magical for me. We would go to Rockefeller Center to see the giant Christmas tree. We would go every year to Macy's to see their Christmas display, take photos with Santa and buy ornaments and gifts.

What I was trying to get at, is that I have always had this romanticized notion of Christmas, which some years ago I had come to the conclusion that it was mostly television propaganda and I had lost faith in my "Christmas idea" all together. I would go through the motions, decorate, sing carols in the car, bake, etc. But thought that this kind of celebration, the real kind, the one I aspired to have would be simply unattainable for me.

Funny how things work out. My perfect Christmas, or so I thought, was having a very calm and peaceful celebration with my husband & son. My mom and grandmother in Argentina, unable to travel. My in-laws away for the holidays. Everything going as planned, wait a minute did I just say that? well to make a long story short, my company decided to give off Dec 26th, which meant that we could go to Atlanta for the holiday. Why Atlanta? In-laws there, spending Christmas at Aunt Holly's.

Mom, Aunt Holly, Uncle Mark and cousin Megan
My husband found out about the extra day off and the rest you can imagine. But the kicker is, I got my wish for a family traditional Christmas. You know, like the ones you see on TV, yes they exist!

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I wish all the same fortune I have. I am blessed with a loving family, this is all I need.

Just some random Christmas photos of our trip:

Carr and his Papa

He is so exhausted after the trip and meeting new people, he just passes out.

Christmas morning with Dada, doesn't my hubby look great in his Christmas PJ's? Getting him to wear them was a small Christmas miracle.

Look what Santa brought! He is soo excited and happy. I didn't think that my heart could hold so much love, gratitude, and joy. I spent most of the day crying out of shear joy.

More presents, this one has balls and a baby bliss!
He loves his Elmo! Unbelievable!

The famous opening of stockings, interesting and fun. I never had stockings before other than decorative. Some presents but not this big production! Thank you aunt Holly for including my family!

Cutest baby ever! Best Christmas ever! My life is blessed.
Until next weekend, have a safe and joyful New year!

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