Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekly Round-ups

Hi there! Hope you enjoy my favorite posts!  It has been a long week.

Things you can make
Make a Fall Tree Button Shirt        Tatertots and Jello

Things for a Mom
Reminder: Daylight Savings Ends on Sunday                    Life your way
How to maintain your zen when kids have lost their ever loving minds           Modern Parents Messy Kids
Want to give your kids an Advantage?                             Not Just Cute
What's your definition of successful parenting?                 Simple Mom

Thing you can cook
How to get out of a cooking rut             Life your way
List of great soup recipes                      List Plan it

Things for the Soul
Plan your peaceful Christmas: Task 1               Simple Mom
8 Frugal ways to reduce holiday stress             Life your way
I'm selling dahlia pins to raise money for charity : water          Not martha

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