Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another Fall Day

I LOVE FALL!  Everything looks gorgeous and smells awesome.  I don't know quite how to put it, there is something in the air that makes everything OK.

I think Tom Hank's character in "You've got Mail" explained it almost to perfection (even if he was describing NYC) but his description evoked one of the most vivid images of fall I have experienced.  Pumpkin patches, apple picking, school buses, morning brisk air, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  This season has it all!

I wish this weather would last longer, I wish I had more time to enjoy this season before the winter falls upon us.  I wish I were a better photographer!  I am including just a few of my favorites, trying not to bore you too much.

This year Fall has been a little tough on us.  My little man's allergies and repeated colds due to viruses caught at preschool have made it very hard for him to breathe normally sometimes.  He has suffered from two especially rough asthma episodes in the past month.  I know I promised to keep up and catch up with my posts but I have to be a mommy first.  Needless to say that nebulazations and steroids have been the preferred treatment for his wheezing.  Which by the way doesn't make me happy but without time to research and your child having difficulty breathing what do you do?  Now he is on a daily medication that should lower his  chances to repeat the wheezing.  If anyone has any advice, I am all ears.

I hate that he missed Halloween, he was so looking forward to it.  I hate that I can't have him out for very long if the pollen count is high. I started this post about a week ago and here I am still editing and both mother and child sick in bed.  I really hope he gets better.  We will soon enough know, it all depends on how he breathes tonight.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a great day (power of positive thinking)!

Well today is Thanksgiving and I am surrounded by family with much to be grateful for.  Life is good, complicated, stressful, sad, happy and a huge mess and sincerely I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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