Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Staycation in August

This is a very old post that should have been.

The first week of August my boss called me in her office and announced that I was taking a week's vacation that month.  She said that I would not be very helpful if I was burnt out and needed some time away from work to come back refreshed and rested.  I wasn't about to argue but it seemed so unnecessary to take days off when there was so much to do and I had no money to go anywhere.  Ultimately, I found myself trying to find out interesting things to do around home.  You would be surprised on how fast the week went by and how much fun we had.  I loved the time at home with my family and just resting and taking life in.  Here is where we went:

Blackwater Creek Trail - morning walks

We are very blessed to have this located almost in our backyard.  It is safe and the kids love it!

Before you judge, hear me out.  I have been wanting to take my little man to this place for months.  It is one of the largest and oldest independent bookstore, toy-store and teacher supplies!  I was in heaven and so was the little monster.
They have a small outside area with an antique train and a cute pond.  It was a great moment to share as a family.  Little man loved looking at old time toys, he loved that Givens has play areas all over the place and twice as many books appropriate for his age at his reach.

I could not resist taking a photo of this sign, very appropriate!

Mill Mountain Zoo

It was conceived as Mill Mountain Children’s Zoo in 1951. Designed as a children’s zoo with a nursery rhyme theme, doors opened on July 4, 1952. After closing due to monetary problems it reopened as a zoo specializing in North and South American animals.  I like that it still keeps the nursery feel to it.  My nephew and little monster thorough enjoyed themselves that day.  The only thing I would change is trying to go on a cooler day.  It was as hot as the dickens!

It even has its only railroad.  Great entertainment for young boys!

Awesome sister in-law provided entertainment through it all!

So tuckered out!  Both boys passed out in the ride back.  My son never falls asleep in a car ride (yes, I know it totally sucks!) so I knew that he had a great time!

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