Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favorite Time of Year - Autumn

As I sit here tonight and reflect on the past two weeks, I often wonder why I love Autumn so much.  Is it because the morning air is crisper, the trees show off their new shades of red, orange and gold or is it because there are so many family traditions that are conceived during this season?  I honestly can't choose only one and what I have listed before is only scrapping the surface.  Take a minute and close your eyes and imagine new sharpened pencils, the smell of new leather shoes, yellow school buses, red, orange, and gold, pumpkins, apples, sweaters and baking...yes lots and lots of baking.  These are just to name of few but my heart beats to a new tune and I find myself thinking of holidays, college football and knitting.  Gosh, I love autumn.
No wonder it is by far the busiest time of year for me.  Lots to do, lots to plan for - Did you know we have 95 days until Christmas?  If you're an organizing freak like I am - well you are very busy.  Which brings me to our first Autumn outing - Apple Picking!
 I took many photos, too many to post but hopefully the ones I have chosen will highlight the absolutely wonderful day we all had.  

 My little man was such a pro!  I didn't have to teach him what to do, other than not to pick apples from the ground.  He was so careful and quiet it caught me off guard.  Usually the little world-wind rushes into everything but not today.

Such fun times!  As a mom, you never know what your child will remember, I sure hope that this day will be a treasured memory for Carr.  He had a great time with his friends and his aunts that he loves so much.  Thank you guys for making this day special!

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