Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trains and playtime

Sometime ago, I posted a Facebook update in which I said that Carr and I had a ball playing with his toy trains.  It is funny how in less than a year I can see a huge developmental leap in him.  Before, it was mostly me playing and Carr destroying the tracks and laughing.  Don't get me wrong, it was fun at the time just watching how amazed he was to see something built and then have the capacity to destroy it. Today, I observe a calmer Carr playing with the trains and making them run through the track.  When a track comes off, he runs to me and asks me to put together (yes, I am teaching him to do this slowly).  He plays quietly by himself and talks to the trains categorizing them as good guys and bad guys, steamies and diesels.  We watched a movie that had a very bad diesel that wanted to hurt everyone on Sodor! Bad cho-choo!

By the way, did you read "we watched a movie", yes, yes we did!  God has blessed us with a very energetic child, very determined, sweet as a button but so busy.  He, until now, was able to keep his attention on half-hour cartoons.  Anything that had actual actors did not appeal to him - well unless it was Spiderman- and that was only when Spidey was around (we had to fwd to the fight scenes).  Last Christmas, by mistake, I bought him a Thomas the train movie, well it had live action and he wanted nothing  to do with it.  Now he loves it, which means playing it over and over again on our TV. But he watches it from start to finish, yay!


My son's love for "Thomas the Tank Engine has well surpassed Mickey, Caillou, and even Spidey!  Hopefully, one day soon I will have the opportunity to take him to "A day out with Thomas", I am crossing my fingers it will be spring next year! Here is an awesome link!

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