Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mommy and technology

photo thanks to Pure Oxygen
You know your old when you write a title like this!  But needless to say, technology rules our lives.  We used it at school, at work, for play and at home.  I am a firm advocate that children should spend most of their time outside playing and discovering but I am also a realist where I understand that technology with all its benefits and evils are necessary tools for your success.

I am surrounded by techno and gadget people, whom I love, that have introduced shortcuts via technology to make my life easier.  Here is a few examples:  Internet is a great tool for household management, my blog in replacement of a pen and paper journal, photoediting sites (thank you Aunt Ashley) even make my mediocre photos look good and social networking sites have brought me closer than ever imagine to my friends and family that are faraway.

Nevertheless, please understand that proficioncy in this has come with dedication and humility on your mommy's behalf.  I can honestly say that when I was born there were no computers much less any of these tools around.  And while I will resist electronic readers over a paperback book I want you to know that I will make every effort to understand your future world and I won't critize it - I will just show you that sometimes the "old way" of doing things brings joy to you also. And with this I go back to my knitting!

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