Monday, June 21, 2010

Roseolla, upset stomach and unknown bug

I had mentioned in my post "and life happens" that Carr had been sick.  When he has a bad night, restless, whinny, squirmy, you name it, that is always the prelude to a feverish day.  And so it began, fever of about 101/2 all day and then night hit where it ran about 103.  This is about when we started giving him Motrin. Chip doesn't like to over medicate our son, which is the main reason why he administers it, when, how much and frequency, obviously as directed by the pediatrician.  This is fine with me, I don't like to see my son suffer and get very nervous rendering me useless to administer any type of medication.  The next day we took him to the doctor, strep test, look over, you name it, and the pediatrician says..."I think it's a virus, it needs to run its course." Are you kidding me!?! Really?  You cannot pinpoint what he has, and you offer me no advice on how to get him better? I understand that doctors today fear liability but come on!  I would have really appreciated some input. Long story short, he had a even worse night until finally his fever broke.  The next day he was covered in red dots, like chicken pox but red.  Took him to an urgent care (my pediatrician closes for two hours at lunch) and they diagnosed him with Rosseolla.
One week after, he was getting better, he had started eating and had much more energy, he threw up for the first time.  My poor baby!  He didn't understand what was going on.  I think I held it together pretty well, I didn't freak out and I told him it was alright and normal, that probably he ate something that didn't agree with him and gave him water.  A piece of advice, never give them water right after, they are bound to through it up immediately, which he did.  He cried and hugged me, poor son.
Once again, about a week after, he had a fever again.  I called the doctor and we went to see her.  She said that this was worrisome, that he spent the month sick and she wanted to run some blood work.  Well, they did, BTW, he behaved like a champ, even hugged the nurse afterwards.  God I love my son!  Everything came back fine, he got better two days later and he has been fine ever since.
We have been very fortunate, our son has hardly been sick at all, other than teething.  One bad month is OK when you look at the big picture.  I just pray that it doesn't happen again this way.  Sleep deprived, stressed out and worried make for a very inefficient mom and wife.  My home has been a mess, I have over-spent in take-out food and stop doing things that kept me grounded.  Now I find myself picking up the pieces and slowly recovering to normality. Who would have thought routine and tranquility would be so desired in my life today.

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