Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Funny how sometimes you plan a day to a tee and it just doesn't come together.  Well, I need to be honest and fess up that I had not pre-planned anything for father's day, it just came together.

Carr and I baked Chocolate muffins with chocolate chips.  We finger painted and made daddy a card also.

We were so happy going about our business that we did not notice how loud we were and woke daddy up early (I wanted to let him sleep in).  We had breakfast together and we had french toast for lunch.  Yes, I know not very nutritious but yummy.  Carr and I did laundry and watered Mimi's plants, we played in their deck and took a good long nap.
Daddy woke us up, between you and me, he really enjoyed his quiet time to himself playing video games.  I started making dinner.

Scallops and asparagus sauce with Steaks

Fresh organic green beans, tomatoes, bacon with a honey balsamic reduction

Fresh organic cucumbers with dill and rice vinegar

Today, has been a great family day, we played, worked and ate as a family.  We are very fortunate to have each other.  Chip, Carr and I are so blessed having you in our life.  You are the father I always wanted and you're the husband I prayed for.  We love you very much!

Happy Father's Day Chip!

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