Sunday, April 11, 2010

Upgrading transportation - neat!

For about more than a year this little Tonka truck has been a loyal means for transportation for my son.  I have watched Carr discover at his own pace the uses for it.  When my "pride and joy" started to use the truck as a step stool and could not ride it because his legs are to long, Chip and I started talking about upgrading.  How hard could that be? yeah, right!
Chip and I both agreed that Carr needed a tricycle, but which one?  If you are a parent, you completely understand what I am talking to you about.  Quality, durability, name were all characteristics that we were looking for.  There are tons out there, so do not buy in a rush, take some time to look at what there is out there and your needs. We wanted to get this for his birthday but between the cost of the celebration, and Christmas and please lets not forget my car decided to throw a hissy fit on December 23rd, which required that we spend around $400 in repairs, we decided that we would get it for Easter.
I want to give you a little background information so you can understand the complexity of this expenditure in its full scope.  I will readily admit, I am the kind of mom that wanted to put a helmet on Carr when he was learning to walk.  Yes, you know the kind of mom I am talking about.  I worry constantly about Carr.  To my defense, he is always running into things, falling from chairs, sofas, beds, etc.  No fear and 100% boy.  Well needless to say, I have never put a helmet on my little man and that is thanks to my husband.  He talks me down and makes me see the logic in not wrapping my only son in bubble wrap!
I wanted to get Carr a tricycle that even had a canopy, so that the sun wouldn't be an issue in the summer.

 Chip wanted a normal tricycle, that our son would not look all weird in.  We compromised and we got a Radio Flyer with safety parental handle.The great thing about this, is that I can buy a canopy for it if it becomes an issue.  I hate the fact that it doesn't have a safety belt attachment but I solved that issue already.

He loves his new tricycle and we are getting ready to say bye-bye  to loyal Tonka truck.  We are lending it to a friend that is expecting a little boy.

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