Sunday, April 4, 2010

Leaps and bounds: part two

This a post totally dedicated to Carr.
Every now and then, I see this brilliant human being that I gave birth to, change in small little ways.  I do not want to forget those details of Carr's growing up.  Life is complicated and very busy, one tends to at best stop, laugh and then keep going on. Those little things that bring a smile to my face but somehow after time they seem to be forgotten. So here it goes Carr, you are 2 years old and 2 months.
You're a funny man, your sense of humor is hilarious.  Of course you are "all boy", so you think farts (sorry mom in law) are hilarious. You find certain phrases that include non-words funny as well: yew, yuck, boom, and all sort of noises.  You love to drink from your own big boy cup and when you want, you do a pretty good job at it.  For some outrageous reason you like filling your mouth with water, juice or milk and then just leaving your mouth open so that the liquid would dribble down your find that amusing.
Carr, let me tell you something, you are too tall for your own good.  You can reach anything and everything.  Half the time your father and I spend running around getting things from you that you shouldn't have in the first place.
You love to cuddle when going to bed but you like to do this on your terms not ours.  I normally go night night with you, it is my favorite time of the day.  We read and sing and then you love on me for what sometimes seems like forever (especially if I had a tough day at work).  You say "aiyaya mommy" which we found out is how you're saying "I love you mommy"!  You take sometimes up to an hour to settle down before you pass out!
In the language department, you amaze me every day.  I was so worried about you, it has been a relief that you were just taking your time.  Like a friend told me once, that when you had something important to say you would.  You ask for your milk, you ask for wawi (water), you love bobis (bubbles).  You show us your booboos and you love your papa and granma tutti.  You love words that start with the letter S, like stick and soap.  You favorite word right now is cookie and more.  You cry out "help" when you want us to come and fix something.  You run all the time, you play with your Lego's and make toy guns out of them (topic for my next post) and say pow pow.
You never run out of energy and it is so hard to make you take a nap.  You love playing outside and watching the wiggles, and Yo Gabba Gabba.  You also enjoy Go Diego Go, Max and Ruby and Dora.  When you disappear into your room you are most of the time sitting on the floor reading your books.
You are quite a dancer, and love an audience.  You have started singing along with me at night night time, which is so sweet.  There is a song by Laurie Berkner, "Fast and Slow", you love the song and so do I, we usually dance it together and I shed a tear because it is so true, dear son.  Mommies would love to have a remote control to be able to pause and smell the roses, so to speak.  Please don't be in a rush to grow up and let me enjoy what little time I have with you.  Pause and look around, there is a universe of discoveries you can enjoy when you settle down.

There is so much and I hope I caught the highlights.  Your mommy loves you very much!

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