Sunday, February 21, 2010

Carr's skin condition

I have mentioned in previous posts that my son suffers from excema and has some strange allergic reactions.  This has been something that has worried Chip and I to death.  We have tried everything when it comes to combating his excema with no success.  As a result of our concern we requested that our pediatrician test Carr for allergies. This is about the time we discovered that he was allergic to egg whites.  After the first "overreaction" we settled into a routine and had successfully eliminated all egg from his diet except for one thing: Carr's eggos.  Our little monster refused to have any breakfast at all if he didn't have his waffle (he was about 1 year old).  We didn't stop giving him this and we did not see any improvement or worsening of his condition.  As time went by, fast forward a year, birthday parties, get togethers and playdates made it harder and harder for me to inspect any and all food my son was cramming into his mouth.  Unfortunately, I have to admit that he was probably eating eggs in one manner or another, in cakes, sweets, etc.  I did not observe a worsening of his skin condition at all, which made me suspicious.
I never stopped looking researching and talking to other parents.  About a month ago, while talking to a co-worker about Carr, we got on the excema subject and he told me what his pediatrician recommended.
My co-workers pediatrician told him to bathe his son with Dove deep moisturizing body-wash and afterwards apply Aquaphor healing ointment.  Well, it works like a charm!  My son enjoys now healthy skin, no itching  and no scaring.  I wish I had before and after photos but I wrestled with appropriateness of posting these personal photos of my son.  I kept thinking of what my son would say 10 years, 15 years and 30 years from now to me, if this would embarrass him or not.  I choose to play it safe and only describe to you his condition, out of respect for Carr.  For my friends and family that have seen his outbreaks, you know how bad it was and how miserable he was.  I wanted to share this with you, just in case you know someone out there that is going thorough the same dilemma.  No child should have to suffer from something so uncomfortable.  You won't lose anything by trying! I hope this helps you as it has us.

disclosure:  I have not received any products or money for naming the Dove or Aquaphor.

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