Sunday, February 14, 2010

Carr's Development: Leaps and Bounds!!!

My little man has grown so much in these past months.  I can't pin point when it happened or how.  He carries himself like a little boy not a baby.  Carr runs towards me, hugs me and all of a sudden the whole world shines, he makes everything alright.
My son is also the sweetest child I know.  Yes, I know what you're thinking, bias, true.  But he really is, I can sit and watch the Wiggles with him and he sits on my lap and lets me kiss him and hug on him as much as I want. WOW!  This is new, he has been always on the run and such a busy child that I really didn't get to cuddle much with him but now I am in total bliss.
A new development is Story Time.  I have always read to my son but at his speed, soon it became clear that it would be impossible to read to him before bedtime the way I wanted to.  So i switch gears and bought picture books and Carr and I practiced his words during the evening.  But bedtime stories were not done.  All of a sudden my son starts taking books to our bed at night and wanting me to read to him.  You cannot imagine how I felt!  So now, every night, Carr and I read "Goodnight Moon" before we go to bed.
I am a very happy mother!

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