Saturday, February 20, 2010

And Life happens...

I don't know about you but when I read some other blogs, I feel inadequate because they seem to have their life so together.  Well, I don't, my life is sometimes disorganized, messy and quite frankly frustrating.  It seems that I take one step forward only to take two back!
This past week it has been a royal mess.  Because of external agents that frankly depressed me and got me very nervous, I lost my way.  I succumbed to external stress and bought over my limit for the week on snacks, didn't follow my menu and did not pre-plan for the coming week. Hey! Stuff happens, and we tend to go back to the rutines that we feel comfortable in.  This means that old habits die hard, for everyone.
What needs to happen is that you should not beat yourself up, you just have to keep at it and be cognoscent that from time to time this will happen until you make this routine a habit and that might take a while.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the little things that make your life happy, messy and unique!

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